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Comment Re:O RLY? (Score 1) 374

Is it any of your business?

It is insofar as I have to use the same Internet as everybody else, and other people's decisions affect my experience. For example, I have to work harder to protect my online privacy because other users either do not care enough to protect theirs, or don't understand how. That applies to Windows 10, Facebook, Google, whatever.

Suggesting, politely but firmly (and in the proper conversational context), that people should consider the implications of the products and services they use, is reasonable. Helping them to switch to another platform, if they express an interest, is better still.

But you're right that there's no need to be a judgemental asshole about it.

Comment Hacker? REALLY? (Score 1) 767

I've been disappointed, but not surprised, to see the MSM refer to this break-in, which apparently consisted of knowing Palin's zip code and date of birth, as "hacking", but I expected better of Slashdot. I mean, never mind all the hand-wringing about the differences between "hacker" and "cracker" over the past 25 years, people at LEAST used to have a higher standard for what "hacker" meant than "someone who can use a phone book".

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