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Journal Journal: That relationship poll thingy

I don't want to be the last to post my results

eXpressive: 2/10
Practical: 7/10
Physical: 2/10
Giver: 10/10

        You are a RPIG--Reserved Practical Intellectual Giver. This makes you a Rock of Gibraltar.

        You are loyal, kind, thoughtful and conscientious. You're a good person. You make everyone around you happier and better, even if you yourself are not at your happiest or best. You just care so much about your friends and loved ones that you can't help giving them everything of yourself. It can wear you out, but you'd never let on.

        You're successful, smart and fun to be with, but your self-esteem could use some boosting. You don't like conflict, and you don't like demanding things for yourself, so you can feel unappreciated. But then you wonder if you don't deserve to be appreciated. You do!

        You have many small crushes, but it takes you ages to get to a serious stage with someone. You get so caught up second-guessing yourself and worrying if the other person really *likes* likes you that you never dare to make the first move. Generally you end up with another clever RPIG who knows one when s/he sees one. This adds up to one long courtship. Fortunately this also adds up to one long marriage.

        You would never cheat. You would never hurt anyone's feelings. You are so sympathetic and give so many second chances that it takes a lo-o-ong time for anyone to get on your bad side.

        Your only problem is you can be *too* thoughtful -- you can end up worrying and getting hung up over nothing.

        You may be a boy scout.

        Of the 37001 people who have taken this quiz, 6.2 % are this type.

A boy scout!?!?!

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Journal Journal: What would you do on a world tour?

A friend of mine has just announced that she's quiting work to go on a 12 month world tour, the lucky thing. Anyway it got me thinking about what I'd like to do given the time and money and I think I've come up with a great idea.

Tom Wowbagger the 12 month prolonged. If you don't know or don't remember should explain it quite well.

"Arthur Dent?"

"You're a jerk, a complete kneebiter."


Anyway, the plan is this. Over the course of 12 months I'd visit every country on earth in alphabetical order and insult 1 local by name, and in his native language. Perhaps I should try to sell this idea to a TV company and get them to fund me.

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Journal Journal: Bored 6

Damn I'm bored. Right now I'm feeling so bored of writing damn design specifications and other stupid project docs that I'm thinking about packing in this programming lark and becoming a sci-fi author or something. Recently I've just found the job so unsatisfying that I've found it very difficult to actually stop browsing the web and slashdot and actually produce anything. Perhaps I should just start writing a novel in my spare time and see what happens, even though I've got no idea how to actually begin such a mammoth task.

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Journal Journal: Ann Coulter: nutter 3

The Independent newspaper has an interview with Ann Coulter in which she says that "All terrorists are Muslims", obviously ignoring the IRA, ULA, UFF, Timothy McVeigh, the Washington sniper, the Unabomber, the Red army faction and whoever was responsible for the Anthrax attacks. Anyway, the thing that really struck me was the rampant moral relativism that she spouts as assertions, and her use of the straw man argument when saying that because the interviewer complained about her over generalisation, she responded by claiming that the interviewer was implying that her over generalisation was morally worse than 9/11.

She seems to be able to constantly ignore her blatant hypocrisy in both claiming the America is a role model for the world, espousing ideals of equality, liberty, freedom and a Christian moral code, while at the same time saying that America needn't hold itself to those ideals because its actions are justified because of the attacks and threats on it. She claims that America has the right and justification to act in whatever way it pleases because "they" did something worse first.

I fail to see how a claim of moral superiority can be supported while your actions are guided by the perceived principles of your enemy rather than by upholding your own.

I also urge you to read an article named Reflections on Kant and Moral Equivalence by Michael Newmann on a similar theme.

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Journal Journal: I guess I should say something...

I guess I should start writing stuff in my journal.

Welcome all who read this! I'd love to know what made you come and look at my pathetic offering. I'm going to try and update this reasonably frequently but no promises and it all depends upon how many people read this.

I've just recently been given my first software project to run. Not a huge one, no code monkeys for me to boss around. Just enough rope to hang myself with and I have to say I'm getting pretty bored with the documentation stuff. I think that I need to write at least 11 documents before I even start to get coding, and I know I asked for more responsibility but this is not what I had in mind. I wanted to sit in a meeting room and make decisions. I want other people to do the leg work and me to come up with the broad ideas and to pick holes in other peoples ideas.

I just really could use a holiday (vacation to you "mercans"), since I've not had one this year. I sort of get one next week but it's going t be damned hard work. I, together with about 15 other adults are taking 17 inner city kids aged 8 to 12 to south wales near a city called Saint David's. It's a really beautiful area with great beachs and islands. There are seals and dolphins too! It's all part of a Christian thing which is really less than 4 months old. It's great by the way! Give it a try ;) Anyway I'm pretty scared by the horror stories people have told about last years camp where 2 kids were trying to kill each other over a girl (these kids are all under 12 remember), so I think I'm going to need another holiday when I get back.

Take care all and God Bless.


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