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Comment Re:Put yourself in their shoes (Score 1) 898

In large part because in the instance of driving your car, you have (or belive you have) a degree of control over your own safety, even if it is not complete. In an airplane you are completely at the mercy of outside forces in terms of your safety. That's the psychological difference and the reason for the cultural acceptance you spoke about.

Comment Re:Put yourself in their shoes (Score 2, Insightful) 898

"low flying planes crashing into buildings is something that could reasonably happen" WHAT???!!! Define reasonably immediately, because if our definitions are the same, than that is shockingly important. On a related note, anyone who would choose to live in a city where planes flying into buildings is something that could "reasonably happen" is an idiot. Having said that, I define reasonably in terms of liklihood, and statements like the one you made are proof that the "too scared to be rational" approach our lawmakers have taken against us is working...

Comment Not surprised (Score 2, Interesting) 214

There are a ton of options out there on electronics, including Newegg and several VARs that sell some non-business equipment as well (I work for one, but won't mention the name). In all my dealings w/my endusers, I never have to work very hard to compete w/TD, because they are driving their own rep into the ground. Don't they realize that tech savvy people are the LAST people you get away with pissing off?

Comment Re:Give those Pirates What they Deserve! (Score 1) 266

No, it isn't, for two very important reasons. 1. You aren't TAKING, you're COPYING 2. You have done nothing to remove the physical original from its previous owner This isn't about justifications, at least not for me. It's about getting people to understand the dispute CORRECTLY, instead of parroting RIAA's incorrect terminology. There is correct and there is incorrect, regardless of which side of the debate you're on. Calling "piracy" theft is simply incorrect.

Comment Re:Give those Pirates What they Deserve! (Score 1) 266

Neither do I. But with the copyright nazis waging a terminology war against an uneducated public, isn't it important to be clear and correct in the WAY we have the argument? Especially when those same people/groups are getting lawmakers, who are supposed to represent their constituents, to parrot those same incorrect terms? The war of ideas is incredibly important, IMO.

Comment Re:Give those Pirates What they Deserve! (Score 5, Insightful) 266

(a) The pirates deserve to be slammed for STEALING (Yes I said it, because that's what it is!)!

(b) The pirates ALSO deserve all the due process and constitutional protection that the US has to offer--and the RIAA assiduously tries to ignore! You can't slam the thieves until the thieves get a FULL and FAIR day in court.

The Pirates deserve to be hammered, but only after every last one of their constitutional rights is respected!

Assuming we're still talking about digital piracy here, it is NOT stealing, it is infringing. The two have separate legal meanings that have to do with a scarce good being taken away from another person/entity. Copying music does not take that original away, ergo it cannot be stealing, it is infringing.

Comment Re:pirate repellents (Score 1) 830

When are people going to stop equating blame with causation? What the pirates do is wrong, and we can justly blame them and hold them accountable. But if part of the causation of breeding those pirates is something we can positively affect, why the hell wouldn't we? The Blackhawk down scenario isn't the only option; there are other ways that we can be of assistance. Fighting pirates and fighting its cause are NOT mutually exclusive.

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