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Comment Re:And in 5 years... (Score 2) 410

I had to straighten my father out one night regarding this very myth. I explained it thusly: When the barbarians were at Britain's doorstep during WW Deuce, and the same barbarians were trying to conquer northern Africa for the oil routes, I'm pretty sure the respective leadership was not concerned about protecting the oil industry's profits and wouldn't have ignored this mythical marvelous fuel efficient carburetor.

Comment Re:You're not flying cheaper! (Score 1) 432

If you don't like the price to fly, you can always take the bus, the train, drive, bicycle, or walk. Figure out how much your time is worth and the real cost of these other options to get to your destination and back, then tell everyone how much you are getting fucked harder and harder. Last time a compared a train ticket, it was more expensive than flying - and it took two days compared to four hours. Flying is cheap for what you get, really.

Comment I stopped reading when I got to this nugget (Score 2, Interesting) 177

I stopped reading when I got to this nugget - "It is also a worrying commentary on the standards-savvyness of the Office developers that the first amateur attempts of part-time outsiders find problems with documents which Redmond's internal QA processes have missed." Is the author really this naive? If so, how did this guy become involved in the process in the first place?

Comment Re:How badly do you need a smartphone? (Score 4, Insightful) 199

More so, how badly do you need a phone at all? You are a student. Is there some higher obligation that requires you to have mobile accessibility (and why isn't that paying for it) or is this something you want to have so you can be like all the other cool kids on campus? If a mobile phone is an unnecessary want, get your priorities straight. Plenty of time for over-priced whiz-bangs after school.

Secondly, what is the need for keeping the same phone number? I had a new number every year when I was in school back when we used two Dixie cups and a string, and modems melted the lines at a blazing 2400 baud.

Figure out what you really need, then go from there. That should help you decide what it is worth rather than looking to get the cheapest generic plan for something you may not need to begin with.

Comment Re:Lock, what lock? (Score 4, Insightful) 271

Incorrect. Burglary can still occur if you do not lock the door to your house. The problem here is that the govt posted material on something akin to an unfinished public street that is not (yet) on any my map and then complaining that someone drove onto it because they (the govt) didn't put up a sign/gate to keep people off of it.

Comment I am confused. (Score 2, Insightful) 154

Someone please explain. How is Windows secure (no pun intended) if Microsoft can release a tool, or script, which can get information from a password or encrypted system? Surely this cannot be an exploit to a backdoor. Does the use of COFEE require a user to already be logged in for it to work? Seriously. If this is the case, what keeps an evil-doer from using the tool to get into any window system they want and do whatever they want? If the tool has been leaked, then there is plausible deniability regarding any type of evidence on any windows box. Even if it were not leaked, this is proof that the windows platform is inherently insecure because there is a built-in method for bypassing its security features. Someone knowledgeable care to enlighten the uninformed?

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