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Desktops (Apple)

Submission + - 10 things that should be in Apple's next Mac Pro (

jcatcw writes: The new chip architecture allows some new possibilities. Computerworld knows what they should be: 1. a new enclosure with more audio/USB/Firewire ports up front; 2. a Blu-ray option; 3, 4, 5: cooler, quieter, and more energy efficient; 6 through 9: storage and networking; 10: affordable. And we'd like it all in time for the holidays, please.

Submission + - Everthing about phishing attacks & how to prot

vi writes: "With the phishing attacks on a rampant it is time that we all are aware of how the attackers operate and how we can protect against it. It is not just the emails that are being used but popular websites like myspace are a target too. However we can protect ourselves if we all are aware of what it is all about and by taking some precautions. This article covers everything you want to know about phishing including the recent recent studies, the myspace ordeal and how to protect yourself."

Submission + - HBO vetoes Diebold's documentary request

mikesd81 writes: "The Hollywood reporter reports that Diebold is trying to get HBO to stop producing a Documentary on the company called "Hacking Democracy". Diebold is saying that the documentary is filled with inaccuracies, yet they haven't seen the movie yet. The points they used actually refer to a different movie, "Voter Gate". Diebold claims it's produced by the same company, but it's not."

Submission + - Tutor Turtle REALLY Said "Help! Mr. Wizard!

Richard Pfeiffer writes: "This isn't a story submission, it's a correction.

Tennessee Tuxedo did NOT say "Help Mr. Wizard!", as is incorrectly asserted at the bottom of this page as I write this.

First of all, it's "Help! Mr. Wizard!" (Note extra punctuation.)

Second of all, it was Tutor Turtle who said this, as demonstrated by the fact that Mr. Wizard would then intervene in Tutor's desperate situation by saying something like:

"Trizzle, trazzle, trozzle, trome.
Time for Tutor to come home."

I just wanted to set the record straight and vindicate poor Tennessee Tuxedo's good name."

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