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Comment Re:Oh yeah? (Score 1) 299

See -you'll need the processing power that only an apple could offer./endtroll\... Just thinking about it- you'd probably have to calculate 243,000,500,000,000,000,003 and then check the 2nd last digit or else it would be rounded up(allowing that the next digit is 5or greater)- wouldn't it? Anyone got a spare cluster available and a large storage area with a lot of time available. Damn trick questions.

Comment Re:Oh yeah? (Score 1) 299

Actually I dont think it would be too hard-just CBF working it out and quoting the command. On a konsole generate pi; pipe to a file; grep your 243,000,500,000,000,000,002 digit then check the tail of the file.. No doubt the more geeky will give the exact command; and probably an easier way by piping straight to a konsole. Cheers,

Comment Re:This comment not safe for 15-year-old (Score 1) 284

I'm voting No1 Australian sex party. The two major parties are both shit house it's time to help someone else have a go. And at least when it all goes to hell I won't be to blame.

Good for you mate just a quick question- do you know who their preferences are going to? According to http://www.belowtheline.org.au/ (region QLD) and their preferences in order- Australian Sex Party, Secular Party Of Australia, Carers Alliance, Liberal Democrats, Australian Democrats, Senator On-Line, The Greens, Australian Labour Party.. I humbly thankyou on behalf of Gillard for your ALP preferential vote

Comment Vote em out I say (Score 1) 154

Bring on the next election. What is worrying is these 'crazy' ideas that keep getting pushed around- and its always the same old selling point A) Evil-Terrorists or B) Save the innocent children. Really, if this is so 'unimportant' why the hell would you want to keep this data for 2-3 years (let alone the time frame the article suggests for the law enforcement agencys are asking for)?

Submission + - FBI investigates mystery laptops sent to governors (computerworld.com)

CWmike writes: "Seems there may be a new type of Trojan Horse attack to worry about. The FBI is trying to figure out who sent five HP laptops to West Virginia Governor Joe Mahchin a few weeks ago, with state officials worried that they may contain malicious software. Sources familiar with the investigation say other states have been targeted too, with HP laptops mysteriously ordered for officials in 10 states. Four of the orders were delivered, while the remaining six were intercepted, said a source who spoke on condition of anonymity because of the ongoing investigation. The West Virginia laptops were delivered to the governor's office several weeks ago, said Kyle Schafer, the state's CTO. "We were notified by the governor's office that they had received the laptops and they had not ordered them," he said. "We checked our records and we had not ordered them." State officials in Vermont and Wyoming told him they've received similar unsolicited orders, Schafer said. Scammers appear to be looking for new ways to get inside the firewall. On Tuesday, the National Credit Union Administration warned that an unnamed credit union had received two fake CDs designed to look like training materials. Installing the CDs "could result in a possible security breach to your computer system," the administration warned. Scammers have also tried to put malware on USB devices and then left them outside company offices, hoping someone will plug them into a computer and inadvertently install malicious software on the network. Many Windows systems are configured to automatically run software included on CDs and USB devices using a Windows feature called AutoRun."

Submission + - 'sploding iPhones! (breitbart.com)

D1gital_Prob3 writes: "France's consumer affairs minister will meet a director of Apple France for talks on Friday after half a dozen cases in which iPhones are said to have spontaneously exploded or cracked up. Herve Novelli will meet Apple France's commercial director Michel Coulomb to discuss the incidents, which are being investigated by France's competition, consumer affairs and fraud watchdog, the DGCCRF, the finance ministry said. They will "examine what steps to take in response to the DGCCRF's questions about the implosion of these devices, and what measures the agency could take," said a statement from the ministry. Novelli will also remind the US technology giant of its general safety obligations towards consumers. Ten cases of "exploding iPhones" have been reported in France, including one in which a teenager suffered an eye injury, sparking calls for Apple to come clean over possible risks linked to its wildly popular smartphone."
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Submission + - SPAM: FTC rules outlaw damned annoying robocalls on 9.1

coondoggie writes: "Nearly a year after announcing the plan, new Federal Trade Commission rules prohibiting most robocalls are set to take effect Tuesday, Sept. 1. With the rules, prerecorded commercial telemarketing robocalls will be prohibited, unless the telemarketer has obtained permission in writing from consumers who want to receive such calls. Hopefully the rules will go a long way to helping consumers eat dinner in peace without being interrupted by amazingly annoying telemarketer blather or in this case prerecorded blather. The requirement is part of amendments to the agency's Telemarketing Sales Rule (TSR) that were announced a year ago. After September 1, sellers and telemarketers who transmit prerecorded messages to consumers who have not agreed in writing to accept such messages will face penalties of up to $16,000 per call. [spam URL stripped]"
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