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Comment Re:"Free" exercise (Score 1) 304

I cycle home one day, back the next, about 1 hour each way. I do need a shower when I arrive. It took more than a year for me to go from sedentary to occasional cyclist, who craves the exercise.

Submission + - Strange ad in the Wall Street Journal

Tex Bravado writes: The Wall Street Journal paper edition today has a full-page add for Mosegi Shirts, with the URL
That site seems incomplete, and includes a scatalogical typo for 'SHIRTS'.
It has a FAQ, but some questions are not answered. There seems to be no way to order anything, so I guess it's not a scam site.

Except for the WSJ connection, the site would be uninteresting.

Comment rockstars get asked to do more (Score 1) 356

In several companies I've seen several developers go from awesomely capable, really nice people, to frustrated crabs with no time to do good work.
It's easy to resent them when they get to the latter state. You know they're good, but they don't have time for you.

Also, we all think we're better than average. We can't all be right.

Comment Re:Layoff... (Score 1) 892

There can indeed be a difference between being walked out on the spot, just as you've been notified; and actually being no longer employed.
It can be hard to tell the difference emotionally as you carry your box of stuff out to your car, though.
I was walked out.
In a previous job, two positions were consolidated into one, and I got it. The previous occupant of the other stayed to help me come up to speed, and clearly hated every day of it. Now *that* is what I call professional courtesy. When I later left that company, I gave 2 weeks notice, and worked to the last day, past the last hour, and missed my 'going away' lunch, too boot. Now *that* is what I call silly.

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