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Social Networks

Submission + - Phasing Out Face-to-Face Communications

An anonymous reader writes: A blog today discusses a future in which face-to-face and voice-to-voice communications are no longer necessary and never a first resort. Referencing this generation's reliance on IM, text messaging, and social networking, the author says the birth of facial recognition software and barcode scanners on cellphones will give way to a future where people need only hold their camera phones up to an individual's face in order to be taken to that person's Facebook page — eliminating the need for face-to-face introductions. The author's perspective is that reliance on such technology will be "debilitating to our ability to function as social human beings in the three-dimensional world."

Comment Re:yes (Score 4, Insightful) 1049

Well where I work, we did in fact throw a number of resumes out the window specifically because of hotmail and AOL email addresses.

But then again, I work in IT, those people SHOULD know better.

But what if they are just using those AOL or hotmail addresses as their personal spam box? Maybe they are old email addresses that they give out to unknown people/companies?

I sure wouldn't be giving someone I don't know my personal email.

Comment Re:Get use to it ! (Score 1) 709

It's the same in every field of activity (banks, everything), not only in IT.

I admit it might be hard to realize at first but you should get use to it eventually ! ;-)

Looking at the replys to this question, everyone seems to be saying some variation of this. But, it really isn't. I have a regular retail job, and let me tell you there is no 'personal internet browsing' there. If you stop to breath for 5 seconds, someone will be there to ask you why you aren't doing X, Y, or Z. So no, I will go against the groupthink here and say that people don't get 'burnt out' from working 8 hrs a day. Trust me, people handle it just fine.

On the other hand, i'm currently at my office job, browsing slashdot. Oh the irony.

Comment Re:"bluetooth uses less power" (Score 1) 152

But what about for smaller devices? Like bluetooth headsets? The power the wireless transmitter is drawing from these devices is the most critical component of how long they last. To combat that, you want to put two wireless antennas in such a small device? Simply not practical.

Not to mention bluetooth already owns that part of the industry. I don't really see this 'competing' with bluetooth. Bluetooth already makes it almost painless to connect devices, with pairing, profiles, etc.

Perhaps this tech will be useful where a high data transfer rate is needed, but thats as far as I see it going.

Oh, and P.S. I do keep the wifi on my phone off, and it does make a very noticeable difference in my battery life, much more then when I first turned my bluetooth connections off. If you think turning bluetooth off makes a large difference, try turning your wifi off...

Comment Not News, and Not a Fixable Problem (Score 2, Interesting) 650

I've worked in retail selling computers for two years now, and i've seen quite a few ignorant people selling computers in my day.

The biggest problem I see is that the associates who usually know the most about computers (myself included) are the worst at the retail side of computers. I.E. making yourself clear to the customer, figuring out what they want/need, etc.

The associates who get the most accessories, services, and compliments are the personable ones, your knowledge is really secondary and can even sometimes hamper your sales ability. I find myself having to use gross exaggerations and generalisations to be able to get customers to understand what i'm talking about (a multi-core processor is like a multi-lane highway...)

Retail has never been about your product knowledge, its about your personality. As long as you know more then the customer (which is so so very little...) they think you are a computer expert. There are very few times in a work day I have to actually think about what i'm saying, its always the same responses and the same questions. I don't even remember the last time I talked to someone who knew what a front side bus was (can't people understand there is more to a processor then just the clock speed?).

Doesn't matter what industry your talking about, welcome to retail.

Comment I see the point... (Score 1) 497

I sell computers, and we have both the eeepc with linux, and the one with XP. My associates and I tend to draw people away from linux, even though that machine is cheaper.

We know whats going to happen if someone takes home that linux pc and doesn't understand what is there. Customers first reaction is to return the pc. At least you can make people understand with a apple computer that it is going to be different, the same can't be said about a linux netbook.

Oh, and don't get me wrong, I use linux myself for all my productivity. People are just unwilling to learn...

NVIDIA's GeForce 9400 No Longer Macbook Exclusive

bigwophh writes "The latest lineup of Apple MacBooks which were announced yesterday were not only refreshed in terms of their mechanical designs, but in regard to their chip-level technology as well. The new MacBooks are built upon NVIDIA's newest chipset that has officially launched today, the GeForce 9300 and 9400 family of chipsets with integrated graphics for the Intel platform. This new family of low-power chipsets has support for DDR2 or DDR3 system memory, 16 shader cores with DX10 support, Azalia HD audio and an integrated HD video processing engine, as well as a few other bells and whistles. Performance looks solid and the first batch of micro-ATX motherboards based on the chipset should make for a solid HTPC setup."

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