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Comment Its actually a nice system for small projects (Score 0) 307

For those unfamiliar with what this is, its kind of a dumbed-down SVN or similar. It makes sharing files and source code for things like a school project very convenient, without having to go through the trouble of SVN. It takes care of versioning for you automatically, and automatically syncs the files you update as they are updated. "It just works"

Comment Re:Applies to all iPhones (Score 1) 534

What no one seems to be mentioning is that this really sounds like a deliberate design decision made years ago to make the phone look like it had awesome reception in most cases, and only taper off in really weak areas. So they've really been misleading customers for all this time. And now they're coming out and saying that this is a "shocking" mistake in the formula that they have uncovered only just now?

call me cynical but i have my doubts.

Comment An interesting difference (Score 3, Informative) 181

The thing about ninjavideo that I always found interesting (and what i had thought would keep them online), was that the site did not actually host the files it was streaming, but only provided links which used some sort of weird java popup that you had to keep running in the background which acted as some sort of intermediary to actually start the stream from files with obfuscated addresses hosted on 3rd party hosting sites (think megaupload).

I guess it all comes back to the question of if whether having a link to somewhere else that hosts copyrighted material is itself infringement, and unless the ninja admins manage to beat the MPAA lawyers, it would seem we have our answer to that.

The real shame is that the site was super useful for finding archived tv shows (especially documentaries from nat geo and the bbc and the like), but i suspect linking to the big name movies is what got them shut down. Such a waste - I don't even understand why people would want to watch the cams in the first place.

Submission + - Google's YouTube wins bitter Viacom battle (

Tetrarchy writes: Google triumphed in a nasty, three-year war with Viacom on Wednesday as a federal court ruled that Google's YouTube subsidiary is not liable for its users' copyright infringements.

Comment Re:I'm no expert, but I'm curious (Score 1) 164

Well, they're really two different things when it comes down to it. a mini-ITX is a pc platform, while a microcontroller is a well, microcontroller. you add all your pc components into a motherboard including cpu, ram, graphics card, etc, and you can run windows/linux/whatever on the finished hardware and software. The microcontroller development boards i believe you are talking about are really much more basic. You might have additional components like ram or video output, and even might be able to get an embedded linux system together, but you're not going to be able to stick windows on there and play games or anything.

Comment Re:Remember to block your information from Apps! (Score 2, Insightful) 446

What I think is really hilarious about these apps, specifically game-type ones, is that they are basically a front for 3rd parties working with facebook to bribe you for all of your and your friend's information. Its probably fairly valuable once you get enough of it, and all they offer in exchange is some... flash game. wow we're getting cheap these days.

Comment Fix with software (Score 1) 549

While they are not perfect, an easy fix for this is to change the DPI settings in the operating system. This makes everything larger without compromising sharpness. For windows, XP does support this, though it can be kinda crappy and not uniformly supported between programs. However Vista/7 changed the video driver model to natively support these higher DPI settings and should work much better. I would imagine OSX has similar support - and probably even linux though i've personally never checked.

Comment They're missing the whole point (Score 1) 548

The mission is called "No Russian" for a reason. Without being too much of a spoiler, the title is from the words to you by the terrorist leader at the start of the mission, reminding you not to speak any russian. Because he plans to blame the attack on outsiders for political gain. So theres no real implication that the game is portraying Russians in general in a bad light in this mission. That being said it was one of the more shocking experiences I have ever had in a video game. There is very little explanation of the mission objective before hand, so when your 'squad' opens fire you are completely confused. I bet it would make for a psychology case study to see what people do when prevented with this situation. But anyways, its really an interesting game for the situations they put you in. Its a lot different from the last one, as you're not shooting at generic arab terrorists for most of the game anymore. Eventually you really start wondering who's side you're really on or who the good guys are. I really liked it.

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