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Submission + - Hotmail to start charging for use

KindredHyperion writes: "The BBC has an article on Microsoft's apparent intent to start charging it's users for the use of the service. From the article: " Microsoft's UK managing director told the Independent on Sunday that fees could be introduced within 12 months. Any move by MSN to start fee-charging would pave the way for its competitors and to follow suit.""

Submission + - How To Network: For Introverts

An anonymous reader writes: Technical types tend to lean towards the introverted side of the spectrum. But being an introvert may hamper your career if you don't take the time to network. If meeting people isn't your natural thing, check out How To Network: For Introverts, and pick up some good tips to get you through the pain of being social.

Submission + - Dual-mode phones go ballistic

Ray Winter writes: "Dual-mode phones that connect to WiFi and GSM Networks are starting to take off — but analysts can't agree who is in the lead of the emerging market. ewsID=7876 Mazingo does not claim to be in the lead but the Company does have a superb SIP based Dual WiFi / GSM Smartphones on a Linux based platform that is selling extremely well ProductReview:- Mazingo's Voyager Smartphone has also received a number of large scale contracts, review — Press Releases section:- Capital Group and Aperto announcement (Arab Telecom are placing orders for Mazingo voyager handsets), and a UAE based telecoms group has also recently placed a $35M order. Mazingo's advanced User Interface takes the pain out of fast switching between VoIP and GSM calls and the users always remain in total control of their network selection so they control their calling costs especially when 'Roaming' out of their 'home' country, where the costs to receive and make outbound GSM calls are usually extremely expensive. Mazingo's Voyager smartphone works on all SIP based VoIP Networks."
First Person Shooters (Games)

Submission + - DNF Screenshot Causes Ruckus

eldavojohn writes: "A Duke Nukem Forever Screenshot has been released in a job advertisement by 3D Realms hoping to attract programmers. The tiny image is "in game footage" confirmed by 3D Realms that shows "Duke standing in a random hallway." Is this a case of actual screenshots with release dates being thrown around or attempt to attract attention by playing the DNF card one more time?"

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