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Comment Re:technicality (Score 1) 101

I have always found the American acceptance of entrapment to be perplexing.

We have very specifically crafted rules around what makes up entrapment, and what makes a sting. The FBI is very careful to follow these rules, because they don't want all of their hard work to get thrown up. Plus, I suspect, that they would rather be spending their effort on someone wanting to commit the crimes, not someone who isn't.

One area of entrapment probably was met: This terrorist POS had limited ability to construct, plan and carry out such attack. One could argue that the FBI agents were able to provide the support (albeit in a very limited sting operation sort of way, i.e. the POS taking the lead) to push him along to carry out his plans.

1) The idea for the crime must have originated from the government agents and not from the accused person.
2) Government agents persuaded the person into committing the crime, as opposed to just giving him or her the opportunity to do so.
3) The person was not ready or willing to commit the crime before speaking to the government agents.

Three could apply here and while you think we have "We have very specifically crafted rules around what makes up entrapment" looking at legal precedence/case law in the USA those rules seem to be more blurred than clear. In the case of this POS, they technically had him on a number of charges that would have given him a life sentence before they got to the fake bomb stage, hell even before the test run, we have put people in Gitmo for way less...

Comment Re:technicality (Score 1) 101

That's based on the fact that he willingly went along with the first guys to offer support.

It's not entrapment. It's a sting. There are very important differences, and you'll find the situation to be much less perplexing once you understand those differences.

I understand the difference; they already had him on numerous charges without playing the entire episode out to the point of placing a fake bomb. Yes sure, they offered multiple alternatives, prayer, made him aware there will be children and women present, no one is saying this terrorist aint a stinking pile of shit, but the FBI had him when they did the "practice run".

While technically waiting to make the arrest with the fake car bomb is not exactly entrapment, the sting operation could have concluded with the detonation or even construction of the "test" bomb. Actually, it probably could have concluded long before that with a conviction. Yes, I understand getting prosecution is harder than it sounds, but they have ample evidence prior to the fake bomb run, shit prior to the test run of his intention and activities. Also, what went wrong in this young mans head to push him this direction? Could have the perceived assistance of these agents, who to this idiot were willing accomplices (knowledgeable ones) that apparently supported his position?

Comment Re:technicality (Score 4, Insightful) 101

So these agents, paid with my tax dollars, recruited, trained, encouraged, and entrapped a teenager in a make believe crime when he would have otherwise been studying for his midterms.

I doubt he would have been studying for his midterms. He would have just looked for another source of a way to attach infidels.

Based on what evidence you assert that assumption? This could have potentially been your standard angry young person that had trained professionals manipulating him and pushing him. I have always found the American acceptance of entrapment to be perplexing.

Comment Re:Suicide by politician (Score 1) 1010

After this mess came to light the State department started going around to all the other agencies (NSA, CIA, etc...) to try and get them to declassifying their material to make Hillary's case look better but most, if not all, refused to play ball so yes, this was a case of her downloading and mishandling other peoples classified material.

And what protections did the "other people" take to protect their classified information? It sounds like the other departments were less than thorough with handing off of sensitive material. Just because you know person "a" has security clearance does not mean the responsibility for safely handing over information falls only on person "a", in fact it also falls upon yourself too.

This is a systematic failure of the system from every branch; those that were sending her emails clearly had not considered how those emails were being sent to Hillary or where they were being stored. If they had been, then they should have halted delivery of those emails and reported them as a violation. If they did and those violations were ignored, then the systematic failure becomes criminal negligence (intentional).

My opinion is the FBI investigation while publicly was focused on Hillary, behind the scenes I am willing to bet that a broader scope of failure was identified. The slap on Hillary's hands were intended to divert attention away from a failure by multiple agencies to protect hand off of classified information while giving Hillary an out with out this turning in to a broader more mass public PR issue.

Comment Re:new MS? nothings changed. (Score 1) 123

Not 100% true; I've worked at several firms where we were converting our old COBOL systems in to a .NET/Windows platform, we were in earshot. Good thing is, most of those COBOL developers were either at retirement age or close to with a good incentive to hang around and help us .NET guys understand the legacy systems. Most of it was business/tech merged knowledge, obviously the architecture is different.

Microsoft is hoping to bridge the gap between platforms; at the end of the day, if you have a cross-platform language like .NET Core available and it is a) well supported, b) has a good community around it, c) is easy to develop in, why would you not use it?

To put another-way: Microsoft is wanting .NET Core to be what Java is except with their framework/languages. So...

Comment Re:Reasonable expectations. (Score 2) 135

Exactly! I left a job where that happen. (Names replaced to protect the guilty):

Boss: Fred, our search engines are showing high CPU load. Can you look?

Fred: I am at the park with my kid at the moment.

Boss: Can you head home?

Fred: Is Pete available (Pete golden boy).

Boss: Pete is grilling with his kids.

Fred: But Pete is home?

Boss: Pete is busy.

Fred: I am 20 minutes away from nearest computer to remote in with and if Pete is home...

Boss: Pete has family from out of town, you are just at the park...

Fred: sigh.

Boss (calls): So what did you find?

Fred: CPU pressure resolved by itself.

Boss: Can you review the logs?

Fred: Logs are copying to analysis box, it is going to take several hours, since they have not been rolled in a while.

Boss: Okay, call me when you have them reviewed.

Fred: Uhhh, that'll be tomorrow morning when I am in the office.

Boss: I expect your report first thing.

Fred: .... f you.

Yes, that happened. I got a lecture the next morning that I did not have the analysis done.

I left a year later; after being called while out camping... no issued work laptop, I had my personal with me, no real data reception. They expected me to drive 5 hours to get back to the office. I ended up putting my work contacts on auto-block when out with the family. I encouraged a support rotation, where people would be scheduled once every six weeks to be on support, but nope, they did not want to do that.

I found out after I left they did not want to do a support rotation, because Pete three months of the year had every weekend commitments away from home... yet, me wanting to head out camping with my family was to much. Yes, the commitments Pete had with religious in nature... mine was just you know, raising my family.

Comment Re:A big Yes (Score 1) 524

My wife has completed her course work in the geology field, just needs to do the final field camp then she is completely done with college. But that will not happen until the end of next year, in the mean time she is waiting for a background check for a long term GIS contract. So we can add her income to mine once the BG check is done - which is awesome!

I was promoted 18 months ago to Sr. Applications Developer with a 10k pay raise - I then left that company 6 weeks ago for a company 23 miles from home instead of 55 miles and for an extra $10k a year there. Bills are paid, savings increasing - I never lost anything on my 401K during the recession, in fact it has advanced dramatically!

But most importantly - we have diagnosed our four year old son a year ago with his speech delay issues and are working on helping him with that. Also, we completed "The Incredible Years" parenting program this past summer with counselors that are geared towards helping us help our son with his speech issues and resulting behavioral issues. In fact, he is doing great! His pre-school teachers are praising him daily and he is advancing.

So yes! Things are way better!

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