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Comment Re:Trump is already a uniter (Score 1) 606

Were you looking for ID or for birth certificate? I know its possible at least in WA state to get a replacement birth certificate online.

ID. I did note there are a couple states that allow you to order a birth certificate replacement online; Washington State uses Vitacheck to order certain certificates and things like birth, death, marriage etc are public records. Again, I only checked 10 states to verify you had to be in person to get a state issued ID (probably because they want to take your picture and do not accept you sending one in). Ohio, where I live requires These forms of proof that you are who you say you are to vote. I will not note the unexpired Ohio driver's license is questionable; who cares if it is expired? As long as you match your photo and have a current bill with current address (if it differs from the driver's license) then you should be fine. Just because you no longer drive does not mean suddenly you have become a different person.

One of my biggest complaints with our country (and one of its strengths) is the separation of states from federal entities. IMHO, if we were simply issued a centralized USA identification and then endorsed it electronically with drivers license, voter registration, social security and standard other items, we can then issue free photo ID's to everyone. DMV's, social security offices could be issued the ability to print new ID's for people. Obviously a federal agency as the ID was prepped and programmed could reach out to a state API to pull its endorsements for the individual and the feds could offer the same for DMV's or state offices issuing federal side of the ID.

How would this help with the voter ID requirement? Grass root organizations can help "poor" people obtain their valid government issued ID. First time registration is going to require some additional proof, usually utility bills, birth certificate, paystub, header of a bank statement etc. But we _NEED_ to sort this crap out. I have no problems with voter ID's as long as we provide a way for people who a) do not drive, b) do not have a current ID obtain one at no expense to themselves.

Comment Re:Trump is already a uniter (Score 3, Insightful) 606

Uh, do you know anything about getting a state issued ID or are you just repeating a Democrat talking point? I have lived in 5 states so far and in each of them it was a simple matter... online. Done in minutes. ID in the mail and in my hand either the same day (or when I needed a new birth cert. which I did) that was a couple of days for the mail to get it to me. the new birth cert? That application was all done online. approved in minutes by an automated system.

I just checked about 10 states and while most provide an online form that can be filled out and printed (editable pdf) ALL required you to present in person. I am not going to go through every state, but yeah I call for you to provide links to the state govt pages where you are allowed to fill out and submit online.

Comment Re:Talk about ballsy revisionism! (Score 4, Informative) 606

Interesting revisionist history there. I do believe the left had been pushing to ratify election results for quite a while

Just a month ago Hillary said not accepting the election results was horrifying.

She went on to say We've had free and fair elections and we've accepted the outcomes when we may not have liked them

example: Bush vs. Gore in 2000.

So basically only when they lose... but the real truth comes out when they are sure they will win. Until they lose, then back to questioning elections being just fine!

I do believe you are highly confused. Asking for a recount is different from refusing to accept the results of an election. I will give you a hint, in our system of government the results of the election are not officially determined until the EC meets. So between now and then, it is perfectly acceptable under circumstances of potential abuse or for verification that asking for a recount is appropriate. And yes, I have said that NO MATTER WHO was the president elect.

The nuance of elections often escapes true believers on the right or the left.

Comment Re:oh boy (Score 1) 524

After losing an election following six months of sneering, elitist, classist "mockery," clearly the answer is to... double down.

Trump is an elitist :) Granted, he is a different kind in appearance than the ones we are used to mocking in our country, but at the core he is pretty much the same.

Comment Re:Good to see mocking the President back in fashi (Score 5, Informative) 524

I don't know if you were alive these last 8 years, but anyone who mocked or belittled the President was immediately shouted down as racist. With Trump in office, it will become OK to criticize the President again, which is a huge improvement.

Perhaps you were just saying racist things? I am a progressive and I have conservative friends and we mocked President Obama all the time, but we mocked some of his policies, we never attacked his children (unlike some people on the right) nor his wife, his race, culture or religion. Perhaps you need to take a hard long look in the mirror (you do not need to tell us the results) and ask yourself if you are really being honest with yourself.

Comment Re:Crybabies (Score 1) 524

Guess what?

Federal bribery does!!

Business deals for trade deals is ... wait for it ... bribery!

Do your calling for the arrest of Hilary Clinton then.

Of course not. Laws don't apply to the left.

Please provide citations for this; what laws did she break? Other than one donation which the foundation should have gotten approval for based on a gentlemen s handshake between Clinton and the Obama Administration. Of course you cannot backup your claim.

Comment Re:Trump is already a uniter (Score 2) 606

Who'd have thought a month ago Trump would ever get the left to agree that questing close election results was a good idea? Yet here we are today contesting elections in multiple states!

Yet another Trump victory!

Interesting revisionist history there. I do believe the left had been pushing to ratify election results for quite a while: example: Bush vs. Gore in 2000. Yet another recent example where the popular vote was not the same as the EC.

Comment Re:Change the law (Score 1) 1429

The intent of the Electoral College at least in part was to act as a final check against an unsuitable candidate becoming President. Now we can certainly debate Trump's suitability for high office, but as to complaining about the rules, well the EC is actually somewhat vague in that regard. The chief issue I see with Electors voting for someone other than who they are pledged for is that it could, in states where being a faithless electoral, end you up in hot water.

But only in these states.

Comment Re: Change the law (Score 1) 1429

Without California Hilliary wouldn't have won the popular vote. She won California by over 2 million votes, a total higher than she got for the US overall. California is so overwhelmingly liberal that I don't think Trump even bothered with it knowing that it was hopeless. This is what the electoral college was designed specifically for, to preserve the power of the smaller states so that they don't become marginalized. Worked exactly as designed.

Agreed it worked as expected, but other than these states electors may cast their vote for a candidate other than the one that won the popular vote in their state or the one that they pledged to. So this election has the potential of getting very interesting (probably not).

That being said, I generally disagree with the hysteria with replacing the EC with the popular vote. The argument that the smaller less populous states need some kind of advantage to preserve power at the executive level is idiotic. Their power resides in their sovereignty, in their representation in congress and via their party to elect a candidate to promote their ideals and run for president. The will of the people to elect the leader and figurehead of our country should be done by popular vote, i.e. we elect a candidate that has swayed the majority of voters that their views are in the best interest of our nation, the president therefore needs to either a) have a majority of his party in congress to push his/her agenda, or b) work with congress to pursue the presidents agenda, which is where the smaller states maintain power either individually or via coalition of like minded representatives at the congressional level (and see below).

Ultimately you feel that the smaller states views and ideals would not be represented if the popular vote was used, but that is not the case. If you look here you will see the last 100 years of presidential elections (other than a couple outlier's) the EC and populate vote generally have gone hand-in-hand. You will also see that both Republican and Democrats won the EC and popular, so this nonsense that somehow the smaller states would not have a voice in the general election is just pure ridiculous as history shows us otherwise.

Comment Re:Why are we even arguing about it? (Score 2) 395

Why are people surprised about this? Only idiots didn't see this coming.

People have been told they should be angry and that they have been cheated; the one thing Trump is very good at is playing for ratings and he got that. He was able to use the media to his advantage and without having to pay for a lot of the attention. We shall see in four years if the electors do not vote against him, who will admit to having voted for Trump, especially since the sewage plant is in full swing it seems.

Comment Re:Why are we even arguing about it? (Score 1) 395

He only wants to drain it so he can build his own sewage works there. The first thing he has done is appoint his friends and family to his administration, scumbags the lot of them.

Yup and he duped enough people to get the EC votes. We can only hope the electors see what he is doing and say, "nope, I will take my fine (in states where this applies) and vote for the betterment of the country."

He is still acting like this a reality TV show and it will only get worse IMHO.

Comment Re:Legal search (Score 1) 80

Wouldn't that just give them more material to sample for their search?

They could do a health check and profit at the same time! Sir/Ma'am we have discovered you are lacking a variety of gut bacteria that is considered healthy, while we detain you, please feel free to purchase some probiotics from our border detainment probiotics counter.

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