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Comment Re:I know you were cracking a joke... (Score 1) 106

"revisionist"? Just because people other than the vice-president spelled it wrong does not make it right. Moreover I guess because the current president is kind of dyslexic or gives a good impression on beeing, it does not make it not hilarious that someone who leads the country (in case the president dies or is deemed unfit for office) is correcting someone in a spelling bee - and is wrong in doing so. (by the way I'd like to get some proof of farmers with potatoe signs. Maybe a picture or something because you know, nowadays you can claim anything on the net :-) ) It's not that any potato farmer in the country spelled it wrong and then went to his local highschool and told somebody "Hey, you spelled that wrong". No. He would refrain from doing so becaue he could think "Hmm maybe I am wrong and that kid who trained hours upon end to win this thing learned this totally common word this way - let's wait for the judge to decide". No, the vice-president decided to blurt something out and was ridiculed because of it. And this story is actually funny. You know, ha-ha funny. Other things, like 13% of the republicans in congress believing that humans have nothing to do with global warming and believing in dinosaur-farts - that's not even worth a joke anymore because it should actually make you cry that 2500 scientists believe something and people running this country just don't get it. And don't get me started on tubes... How can it be that there are actually two TV shows on 4 days of the week having enough material ridicule who runs this country and get successful with that? We shouldn't laugh, I admit that and quite frankly that's just how this country was run for centuries with people in congress making stories up about english soldiers raping colonists and everything to get the revolutionary war started... flat out liers. *sigh* Anyway. Let's stay with laughing and not overanalyzing something that was plain old funny back then and still is.

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