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Comment Pitchforks down, please, no story here (Score 3, Informative) 234

TFA only mentions zoom levels as being stored -- not any other info from users' porn-mode browsing session, just zoom levels. Chrome recently began saving users' zoom levels (if I'm not mistaken) so that pretty much explains that (while conveniently also accounting for why users of earlier versions may not experiencing this phenomenon as well.) We're all waiting for google to slip up monumentally (or "pull a facebook," if you will,) but unfortunately we'll have to wait another day.

Comment Google said they loved YOU? (Score 1) 281

OMG google is such a two-timer, they told me the same thing! My mom warned me about people that say they love you just to get into your queries. I feel like such a fool -- and they told me they only kept their relationship status as "single" because they were concerned about over-sharing too much personal info!!

Comment The gears are moving! (Score 2, Funny) 261

So the GAO is setting its sights on big media's piracy FUD machine? Hurrah! I can see it now: The GAO or some other trustworthy government organization that's outside of the music/film industries' influence will oversee a comprehensive study done on the matter. After gladly washing down this hardy serving of humble pie with a cold glass of milk, big media will offer up their entire content library for free over streaming HTML5 video in OGG 1080p with a bit of help from axxo and the gang. As for this ACTA? It'll have a public funeral at last (despite already having the support of more powerful government agencies and branches) at which US, Chinese, AU, EU, the Pope, Muslim leaders and other world and religious leaders will get together and announce an end to nuculear proliferation, a way to kill global warming faster than Orkin kills roaches, and a cure for world hunger that involves magical gum-drops of some sort...

Comment Did I follow the right link? (Score 1) 88

I think I'm lost because I Googled, "Diluting the word breakthrough," and was linked directly to this article. Well, since I read the article and I'm already commenting I might as well ask: just how closer are we (in measurable terms) to cheap, easily-manufactured materials that (aside from being so green it gives captain planet a hard-on) are as versatile as they are (so very) useful that we may apply it -- not unlike one applies pixie dust -- to our computers, video games, cars, economy, hopes and dreams to knock those things up a few notches? Or have we (dare I say) not reached a "breakthrough" in this respect... again?

Comment News most misleading... (Score 1) 103

"... and look ahead to their future." More like a future where this portion of the article graces us with it's existence! For shame, /. , not your finest hour... And here I was practically salivating at the prospect of laying these peepers on a (needless to say, though say it I must:) very highly anticipated OS-logo-of-the-future design mock-up slideshow. (One day, though...) For now, however, I'm ever so very marginally outraged!

Comment I see pro's, but no con's (Score 1, Insightful) 124

Make it happen so that Open-Source OS's can move onto standardizing the more important OS API's without having to worry about having a standardized theming schematic that is powerful and unbiased towards any visual toolkit or desktop environment. Hopefully after everyone adopts this I can make apps from one gnome look good in kde and vice versa already...

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