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Comment Incorrect Apple data (Score 2) 770

In the article it says the original iPhone and iPhone 3G are still receiving software updates, this is just false: The iPhone has been stuck at OS 3.1.3 since that came out years ago, and the iPhone 3G is stuck at 4.2.1, and they will never see another update. This article makes Apple out to be far better than they are.

Comment Re:Oh boy (Score 1) 160

As an Irish-born Irish Irishman, working in England, I guess I don't get the same kind of racism but I still get hit with racist slurs and jives quite regularly! But I actually kind of like it because I don't WANT to be English and it's nice to be slightly different. The first time I ever spoke to an Indian person was after I moved to England (There just aren't many foreigners in rural Ireland) but we employ quite a few Indian university graduates and they are fantastic people! I wouldn't get too caught up on racial stereotypes, the Irish ones are fun to play up sometimes, and I'm sure it's the same for others.

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