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Comment Re: Perpetuate the myth (Score 1) 105

Yep, stem crisis is a myth. Behind every diversity push, is the desire to save money. Whether through h1b, diluting the labor market, or in ed tech, the desire to make money by controlling tools of propaganda/indoctrination The "War on Women in Tech" is Fabricated seattle4truth Most hilarious part pointed out by seattle4truth, in their effort to "equalize" women's supposed disadvantage in salary negotiations, they removed salary negotiations from everyone, which is a rather convenient way for a company to save money, simply declare no one can ask for a higher salary....because "social justice". Common Core, Propaganda, and #GamerGate LeoPirate #GamerGate/Ouya/Common Core Connection Unveiled: [SHUT IT DOWN! THEY KNOW!! Edition] seattle4truth #GamerGate: Actually, it's About... Polygon/Vox Founders Lecture Microsoft on How to Use Blogging for Propaganda in 2006 seattle4truth

Comment Re:Am I the only one (Score 1, Insightful) 330

Emails reveal Hillary’s shocking pay-for-play scheme CLASSIFIED: Security Expert on Hillary Clinton's Email Scandal Stefan Molyneux The Clinton Foundation Exposed | Charles Ortel and Stefan Molyneux Stefan Molyneux DNC, wikileaks, dead staffer, so many to pick from.... what's embarassing is that Trump people are digging into these while all Hillary has is supposed gaffs and mining twitter ......

Comment Re:I don't think that's the point (Score 1) 330

I find this angle of attack amusing because most people would only dream to be as much of a "business failure" as Trump. We know the track record of lottery winners, the fact is even with seed money, most don't do anything with it or fail. And of course its absurd when comparing to candidates with ZERO business experience of note. Hillary's rigged elections didn't start with Sanders, she was given a safe seat once a democrat had stepped down by the establishment machine, and then she was simply appointed for her next post. Her only success is corruption, aka pay to play via the Clinton foundation where billions have been funneled through for less than charitable purposes. But of course these things go uncovered in any real way because it takes an hour just to explain the basics. The Clinton Foundation Exposed | Charles Ortel and Stefan Molyneux Nypost tried but the news cycle is more fixated on supposed gaffs than substance. Emails reveal Hillary’s shocking pay-for-play scheme I mean really, wikiwut? Oh Assange is just an MRA, don't ask questions anymore....

Comment Re:Am I the only one (Score 1) 330

Yes yes, exposing the DNC and all that Clinton corruption was the work of that "MRA" Julian Assange Because anyone against Hillary Clinton is a racist, sexist, mra, gamergater, and just kicks children, everybody knows this! Even "berniebros" were just misogynists who hated women and so instead supported an old communist jew!! Yes that's the ticket! The fact that he blew the lid open on DNC corruption, press collusion and Clinton Foundation shennigans, well why look into that, lets just call people names. Never mind the whole thing about the DNC staffer being murdered, and now fingered as the leaker.... "trump's the real danger" Funny how both attack/assassination attempts were on Trump, not Clinton. Most every attack/attempt to shut down a rally is by rabid leftists. Just in the last two days a man was beaten with a crowbar for wearing a Trump shirt. Anyways, things which matter The Clinton Foundation Exposed | Charles Ortel and Stefan Molyneux Emails reveal Hillary’s shocking pay-for-play scheme Clinton's private server held emails about nuclear 'spy' executed in Iran: Aides discussed scientist 'friend' and his decision to return home after defecting to the U.S. for $5m Julian Assange exposes Google's political ties to Hillary Clinton & Obama Its no surprise people so smug get their information from 20 minute comedy news shows these days....

Comment Re:If Trump Wins (Score 1) 330

No, we've seen what your "steady hand" Merkel has done to europe. We've seen the neocons scurry over to support the Clinton's. We've seen people dig into things that matter Not tweet analysis, but billions of reasons to "get rid of" people who get in the way Never mind the blatant incompetence when it comes to IT security, which should be something people on slashdog would be familiar with. Someone with intimate knowledge of our own cyber offense capabilities through intelligence briefings should have known better...or more disturbingly, she knew, and protecting her Clinton Foundation corruption was more important than state security.

Comment Re:Thanks Media (Score 1) 330

Why would you think the liberal media mattered during Lewinski, that had its own political momentum and was not pushed by the media. Things like Clinton setting up the sub prime lending disaster which cost the US 10 times what the Iraq war did however was not covered in any way by the media which would have prevented that disaster. Still isn't.

Comment Re:I wish they could do that for news... (Score 0) 330

Quite the opposite, he stretches the truth just enough to get people to stick their own foots in their mouths going after him. Take for instance... "Obama founded ISIS" Putin Tells Everyone Exactly Who Created ISIS U.S Senator Confirms Hillary Clinton Created ISIS Hillary Clinton : We created Al-Qaeda Well, in ways, he did, and now attentions back on it.

Comment Re:I wish they could do that for news... (Score 0) 330

Well, these days its more insidious because the internet and social media give the illusion of control, but in the end they hold the power to manipulate perception. Julian Assange exposes Google's political ties to Hillary Clinton & Obama

Comment Re:SJW crap (Score 1) 310

This is true, many males who excel in areas simply have a wider scope of skills and focus on the areas which matter. It's men after all who spend their free time on hobbies which have practical application, hot rodding cars to making game mods, men build additional skills for fun, and no pay, and these simply add the disparity seen between the sexes. There tends to be more self directed building of skills with men, people like Woz learned outside of school, women seem to only involve themselves in these areas as a practical consideration which probably accounts for much of the difference. People want to play at a role are simply not going to be good as people who live the role, and frankly as you said, have no choice but to thrive or fail. Women choose men with higher pay and education, the fundamental motivators simply aren't there for women on the same scale, so there is no benefit for them to sacrifice on the same level. An old woman who has thrown away her youth for a job title is simply not attractive as a young woman to any man, no amount of feminist complaining will change this, and the presumption one role is better than the other is again, without basis. Just look at the average shopping mall and one will see the signs of privilege, most of the shops cater to the leisure class, the leisure gender, that is the bargain women make, so it is ridiculous to complain about it without looking at the full picture. It's really obnoxious how these publications close comments so early, I saw the usual citation of the git-hub study claiming women's code was better. Study was pure junk science, not peer reviewed. But i guess that's why they do it, it spreads a lie out there to be repeated, no different from this new article which conflates titles where the job description changes radically through the generations.

Comment Feminism proves men are more empathetic than women (Score 1) 786

Feminism has proven that the cultural assumption people held of women being the empathetic gender was wrong. Every perceived slight against women is taken seriously,whether real or not. Society is really gynocentric, meaning it revolves around women as they are the biological limiter on reproduction. This worked to some degree when jobs were grueling and women took the bargain of less direct power for the safety of more comfort at home, doing less strenuous jobs while wielding power through proxy. With modern technology, this changed the environment and now women have equal access, while still holding onto the societal biases of the past which gave them special status and considerations as protected people, less rights, less accountability and responsibility was transferred to the nearest man. Women/feminists cherry picked their way into the power structures of men, and society didn't fully reassess women's status. This is why irresponsible men who have children they cannot or will not pay for are thrown in jail, while the mothers who had every hand in the decision to irresponsibly bring children in to the world they cannot or would not pay for simply get a hand out. Accountability and judgement is not equally applied, and this has led to all this gender strife we've been seeing. Feminists are now cherry picking grievances when they are really demanding entitlement to the special treatment they are used to. I think a study showed that treating women equal to men in many cases was seen as misogynistic, this is the ugly reality of the situation. Tech is a hard one for feminists because merit applies, if your code is bad, can you really blame the patriarchy? These aren't soft sciences where total bs gets a pass because of identity politics, skill matters, and so they've had more trouble imposing their will on this sector. But they still try, while ignoring the gender differences which lead to the disparity. More men are on the autism spectrum and thus attracted to these fields, there is no way around that. Beyond that, people should question this demand for more women as if it were anything good. We got to the moon by harnessing the minds of the best, even some rather horrible people, former nazi's, and look how our scientific progress has stagnated as people have fixated more on what a person is than what they can do. Women aren't treated badly in anything, there are simply women who misconstrue equal treatment with not being catered to as they have become accustomed to as a special class in society. The men in open source need to serve women, they have to be more charming, they have to be this or that, they have to white knight for women, raise them up when frankly women should rise on their own merits. The special class in society for women is undeniable. Why do you think women wear heels, make up, long hair, all the impractical adornment is is an indicator of class, or an aspiration of a class which seeks to be above menial labor. The problem comes when this is not acknowledge and becomes toxic female entitlement which leads to accusations like these that women aren't being made "welcome". You are always welcome to work if your work is good, let alone for free, its an absurd statement to make. The proof of this low standard is seen in who is held up as representative of "women in tech". Have people not noticed the Zoe Quinn's of the world? Someone who is so untalented they had to use an open source tool named twine which requires zero programming knowledge to write their choose your own adventure text game. And because this person without a degree or any relevant tech experience claims harassment as a woman, they are now a "woman in tech", and they've been speaking as representative for over a year now, even ending up in front of the UN. Complete hacks lie Quinn and Sarkeesian end up at the UN, their stories aren't questioned or their credentials, because there is this special standard for women in society of benevolent sexism no one wants to address to this very day, instead we have yet another "women aren't being served" in tech article.... Men and women do have in built bias's, or are we going to make the "we can pray the gay away" argument, things are innate, biological tendencies exist. It is amazing how the regressive left has spent its time both claiming that people are born gay and trans and on the other hand claiming biological gender difference is all societal influence. Countries like the nordics have already demonstrated that with more freedom the genders actually become more segregated, their behavior actually diverges. Women become the over whelming majority of the professions like nursing or teaching, while feminists who are bad at math and logic try to claim they are entitled to be half of everything else as well. "Social development issues"? There is an entitlement issue of women expecting men to perform their traditional gender role of caring for women, charming them, providing, serving. Any autist in open source is fine as long as they are fair, people don't need to use open source as a social platform. This toxic female entitlement was seen in the case of the yale student who yelled at the professor "“Who the fuck hired you?” she asked, arguing that Christakis should “step down” because being master is “not about creating an intellectual space,” but rather “creating a home.”" This female entitlement now demands that open source be their home, so they can nest in it. Its funny how feminists actually reinforce every negative gender stereotype they complain about. Anyways all this brings shame on the name of actual notables like Grace Hopper, just check out the wiki on that person, her story is impossible based on the feminist narrative of history, and I'm sure she would be ashamed of all the hacks being held up as "women in tech" by all the people who claim to be supporting women today. The Quinn's, the Brianna Wu's, the Sarkeesian's, not a stem degree between the lot of them. It exposes societies actual bias, and the underlying beliefs of the "protectors of women", they hold these women to such low standards because they actually think less of them. And to go further on the empathy angle. Just look at the case of Tim Hunt, his reputation was destroyed, a noble laureate was smeared by a left wing press for months all on the word of a black woman who was exposed as having no credibility at all. But since he was higher than she was on the progressive stack, his treatment and destruction was deemed deserved by the regressive left, by the feminists who profited using the narrative for clicks while destroying this mans life. He is now moving to japan because he no longer has a place in the UK. Case after case, men are simply thrown to the wolves, and society simply doesn't care. Its no surprise that most suicides and homeless are men, but they are beneath the notice of most people, because men are expected to take care of themselves, they are expendable utilities for women and the state and their treatment simply follows their function. This is why clowns like Sarkeesian can get away with making every slight or virtual injury on a virtual woman as being evidence of a sexist society, all the while men are mown down by the millions in games, tortured, abused, simply expendable and beneath concern in every way, but harm a hair on a virtual woman's head and there is hell to pay. This reflects the true nature of society, there is an empathy gap, just not one feminists would ever acknowledge.

Comment Re:Summary insufficient, click through the link. (Score 2) 786

Currently its clear women in tech suffer from the people who claim to represent them. Its notable that the "voices" in tech are some of the least talented or credentialed around. The Zoe Quinn's, the Randi Harpers(freebsdgirl), the Brianna Wu's, the people who catch the eye of gender study graduates to fit their agenda, these women who much of the time lack any real experience in coding are held up as "women in tech". Quinn's example is just galling, she used an open source tool twine to write a choose your own adventure text game, a tool who's selling point is that no coding knowledge is required to use it. But through this, she not only became a "game dev" in the "industry", but also a "women in tech" who now spoke for all women in tech. Same goes with the other two. This complete lack of standards, this completely perverse form of excessive misguided empathy for women is what creates the problems for women in tech or stem, much of them imagined. The issue of empathy is really perverse in that its clear from feminism that women really aren't the more empathetic gender. They are the gender subject to benevolent sexism which is based on excessive empathy by society for the welfare of women. It is something which functioned in more traditional societies for most of human history where gender roles were more in line with this concession against reason, but in the modern world, its become maladaptive. Its allowed toxic femininity, female chauvinism to infect professions and communities like tech with toxic gender politics. These women need to take a look at the life story of Grace Hopper, who's achievements should not exist if the world really was as they painted. A stem phd who ended up doing so well that a modern advanced navy destroyer is named after her, and by republicans no less. All this happened so many decades ago, and now we hold up women who insult Hopper's name as examples of women in tech, its actually quite disgusting. This is all allowed because the people who claim to support women actually think less of them, that is the ugly truth at the heart of the matter.

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