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Comment Re:ice on Mars is nothing new (Score 4, Interesting) 364

Yes, water ice on Mars is nothing new. That's why they went there. They could not have another failed mission, could they? Before Phoenix there was Opportunity. Why? The NASA-funded mineralogical neophytes spent our money looking for liquid water where they saw widespread hematite...coarse grained grey hematite. water in its structure! On Earth, in the banded iron formations that are BILLIONS of years old, that is a metamorphic mineral. It did not form in liquid water! Its PRECURSOR minerals (goethite; ferrihydrite; lepidocrocite) did form in water. Using hematite as a "beacon" for liquid water would be like using anthracite coal as a beacon for a coal swamp or a piece of chinaware as a beacon for a kaolin mine. Now we have a mission that is the equivalent of finding sand in the Sahara Desert? They KNEW that there was water ice there...for years. Big deal? Unbelievable spin! If they actually find anything relevant to life on Mars one needs to inquire... Why didn't they go there in the first place? Why did they waste our money landing in a billion year old metamorphic landscape? Even the face-saving hematite "blueberries" are a joke when placed into context with the remote data used to select that landing site...platy coarse-grained hematite.

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