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Comment Release impact strategy (Score 1) 268

it didn't occur to them that they might want to release this information on a slow news day as apposed to releasing it in the middle of the biggest story to hit the media in the past 2 years? there by assuring it will be completely missed by Mondays new cycle?!?! It's just plain incompetent.

But, but but--that would be political, biased and reek of an agenda.


Comment Re:Abolishment? (Score 1) 324

That's the nuclear option. She can do it once, and then there will be a drastic constitutional reform to ensure she doesn't do it again.

...and I for one will take to the streets with a Union Jack and proclaim "God save the Queen!". Now, this Digital Britain malarkey....

Comment Re:Threatening plurality? (Score 1) 703

The fact is that the BBC is known for its objectivity. I know a lot of American who only get their news from there because they regard the American press as either too liberal or too conservative. (Or more often than not, too sensationalistic or too "fluffy.")

...and with that, Mr. Murdoch can bog right off and come back when he's willing to pry the BBC from our cold, dead hands.

Comment Re:I have no problem with this. (Score 1) 620

The fact that the punishment is disproportionate doesn't make the fact that this should be on equal footing with drunk driving any less true. I agree that both crimes should warrant less time in the locker, but it is good that Utah legislature is being objective instead of applying sanctimonious populism.

Comment Re:2.5.9 and 2.6.1 are different releases (Score 2, Interesting) 127

Note: The Voice and Video support in pidgin-2.6.1 is a bit fragile. You MUST have the latest version of farsight2 and the stack of libraries it requires. You may also need to open ports on your firewall to allow it to connect.

To say the ruddy least. I've been trying to connect to friends' GTalk clients and it just doesn't work (although a couple of times I've managed to hear them).

Comment Re:Self-incrimination becoming mandatory (Score 1) 554

This means, you can be forced to do self-incrimination. What's next? Do we remove the right to remain silent? In dubio contra reo?

Perhaps someone's said it already, I cba to read every reply--the right to remain silent went before the right not to self-incriminate. Guilt can be inferred by silence.

...and as for the two mentioned, where do I donate money, protest or find out how to help with publicity?

Comment Blackwhite (Score 1) 203

When the process of legal shikanery yields better returns than investing in real world products then it is apparent that the our culture has run aground . . .

No, it's just the logical conclusion of a culture of worshipping money.

Begging your pardon; where's the dichotomy?

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