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Comment I for one welcome our Higgsy overlord... (Score 5, Informative) 210

I was lucky enough to have a lunch hour where I could see the ATLAS results presentation.

The actual bump on the ATLAS graph was about 126 GeV, and the local sigma was 3.6 which is pretty good. The overall was only 2.4, which IIRC is about 95% certainty. I like the odds of finding it there.

Comment Edward Castronova... (Score 1) 128

... said: "Being an elf doesn't make you turn off the rational economic calculator part of your brain."

But I agree with the license part. Since any virtual property is a construct dependant on the underlying servers (eg Everquest, Second Life etc), then you are bound by the EULA, which usually dresses everything up as a license which can be withdrawn at the whim of the owner of the server.

Comment Copyright != Patent (Score 1) 125

Copyright is a different protection to patent.

A patent could protect a novel method of cloning. Ie, the specific way the geneticist uses his or her test tubes etc in the lab to get the clone. Wouldn't stop anyone breeding a sniffer dog.

A copyright cannot protect the clone. Unless the scientist actually wrote out the genome from his or her mind in some inspired supergenius way: GTTACCAATGCA....... Which is impossible.

Comment Re:List of Lucas supporters (Score 1) 325

Copyright != Designs

The Copyright Designs and Patents Act protects them differently. Section 216 gives 15 years for designs, section 12 gives 70 years for sculpture. Confusingly you also get copyright in a design, but it isn't an infringement of that design to make a 3D model from it (ss51, 52). Critically the court found that stormtrooper outfits are not art, they are utilitarian objects.

Comment Re:What's next? (Score 1) 354

I read the Claim specifications. IAAL.

It isn't right to say that apple have patented portrait-landscape rotation.

It has patented a finger gesture, a view lock based on that and the info from various sensors.

A subtle distinction, I appreciate. But probably novel, and thereby patentable.

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