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Comment Product placement (Score 2, Interesting) 288

"Pirates" are in fact paying for some content by exposing themselves to product placement in movies and TV-shows. Anheuser-Busch doesn't care whether the viewer sees their product "legally" or "illegally", as long as they see it.

In fact, I have personally even downloaded (illegally!) some superbowl commercials intentionally for my viewing pleasure! I'm pretty sure the copyright holders don't really mind though. Or if they do, they are mentally insane.

Comment Mass mail and private mail (Score 1) 152

There is a difference between "mass mail" and "private mail" in Finland at least... "Mass mail" is generic junk mail that doesn't have YOUR name and address on it, and some of it is delivered totally independent of the postal services, by different companies. So basically some of the junk mail delivery has nothing to do with the postal services whatsoever.

Comment Every Finn already has broadband, pretty much (Score 1) 875

This law is not really about providing each citizen with broadband access, it's more about guaranteeing that the access is not TAKEN AWAY from people who already have it.. The thing is, maintaining physical phone lines in rural areas is expensive, and phone companies want to get rid of them. This law guarantees at least a reasonable wireless broadband option in that scenario. As it is now, DSL is available almost everywhere, including many rural areas. Cities of course have even more options like cable and fibre.

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