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Comment Re:Slashdot is killing itself (Score -1, Troll) 488

When you have to have your employees make 'Nuh uh! We're doing great! Here's why you're totally wrong!' type comments like this it's all over. The site may continue on as a shambling zombie version of itself for a few more years, but you'll never recapture the glory of the past.

When did this site become a third rate reddit?

Comment Re:Perfection in an imperfect world (Score 2) 162

Funny you should say that, I'm the exact same way. Two scoops to 6 cups. I took a 'coffee appreciation' class that I got as a gift and discovered that I've been making my coffee really REALLY weak. I've tried to brew it to the recommended strength, but I find that I don't like it that strong. That's probably why I can drink so much coffee a day (two to three pots) and I'm perfectly fine. If I drank that much of the 'normal' strength I'd probably be jittery and irritable (well more irritable than I normally am).

I'm hardly a coffee expert, but even at weak strength I find Starbucks to be really bitter. Even their Blonde roast is bitter to me.

Comment Door Games (Score 2) 181

One nice thing about Door games back then was that everyone got the same amount of turns each day, and when those were spent you were done. This made the games a bit more fair as 'Pay to Win' hadn't been invented yet. There was no 'Buy extra turns for only $x' or 'Upgrade to an elite account for more turns per day'. About the only way to get an unfair advantage was schmooze the Sysop into giving you more, but that rarely worked. :)

Comment Good Times (Score 1) 181

I remember staying up way too late in college because the BBS I was dialed into was two timezones away and I wanted to be on at midnight their time so I could get my new set of turns on my various games. LORD, Falcon's Eye, Trade Wars, Usurper... So many good memories and fun times. I've been tempted to try some of these modern BBS's but I haven't found a good one that's a mix of active, but also casual. Then again people who are still playing these games after all these years are mostly bound to be pretty hardcore about it. My problem is that now that I have a wife and a job, I can't commit the same amount of time.

Comment Re:...Gag me... (Score 0) 361

Meh. I tried the Hackintosh route and it was fun for a few months but I ended up going back to Linux. MacOS has gone from nice and usable to 'WTF is wrong with this thing?' over the past few years. Now it seems that they want to merge MacOS and iOS or make at least MacOS act like it's being used from an iPhone. I used to have a boner for Apple products, but since Steve died they've really lost their way and I'm over it. These MacBooks aren't making me want to come back.

Still, if you really want to use MacOS then a Hackintosh is really the only way to go if you want a modern system that isn't already outdated. Making one really isn't as hard as everyone seems to imply it is.

Comment Re:The popularity of open offices has exacerbated (Score 2) 290

Yep. Our building did this earlier this year. They pretended to ask our opinion on the matter (they had an 'express your thoughts' board up for a few weeks until it suddenly disappeared one day after 99.9% of the comments were negative with a few suspicious sounding positive comments mixed in) but we later found out that the plan was already in motion long before that board went up. So far they've done the upper floor and the response has been resoundingly negative. People complain that there's no privacy and they can't get any work done because their 'desks' are so small now. Basically they went from a standard cubical (with a wrap around desk) to a 3 foot piece of desk (with tiny little dividers on each side). The 'desks' are barely large enough for a computer and a phone.

We found out that they went ahead with the project because some vice president had it on their objectives this year because it saved money due to the fact that they were able to cram more people into the building rather than open a new one. Of course they didn't think about parking or bathroom space when they did that calculation so both are a disaster. Thankfully I'm in a secure lab that they've decided to ignore because they can't cram more people in due to security concerns. We've had tons of people try to get their managers to move them in though, even though they have absolutely no reason to be in here other than they don't like the new 'desks'.

Comment Re:Perfect. Do it now. (Score 3, Interesting) 254

You don't act like an asshole to drive away the overly sensitive, you ignore them. Eventually they get fed up that no one is listening to them whine and move on. This is the tactic we use on the boards I moderate and it works really well. Being an asshole drives away regular people too.

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