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Comment Well that didn't take long (Score 2, Insightful) 149

Didn't take long for the "internet racist" to show their ugly faces. I almost feel sorry for them. They have to live their lives never being able to openly express who they are, for fear of being exposed. They have to live and work around "dirty" minorities and can never tell them what truly think of them. Their world gets smaller and smaller everyday until the internet is all they will have left.

Comment No thing new here. It's all about land! (Score 1) 358

The wealthy want to live and work where there is nice real estate. In planning headquarters and million plus homes in nice locations, they continue to dictate what the market will bear. The poor will be more and more often priced out of locations with a good view, water front property, or anywhere centrally located. Washington DC is a perfect example of this type of gentrification. Some of the worst parts of the city were Potomac-side property and had easy access to downtown. It was only a matter of time before the poor got priced out of the same convenience that allowed them to work all the service and labor jobs downtown without a costly commute. This trend will continue until most places look like Silicon Valley, with low income service providers living in work colonies outside of the city.

Comment Hate for the CIA (Score 0) 199

Seems to be a lot of hate for the CIA. I wonder if anyone here has ever met someone that works at the CIA, FBI, NSA, or any DoD entity. Most are hard working people who could make more in the private sector, but chose to use their skills to defend their country. Most of the people who defend Slashdotters right to insult the job they do. The line between personal privacy and national security is the hardest to walk and defy anyone here to claim they know how to have both.

Comment Humans as a sum of their experiences (Score 1) 384

To truly understand humans, AIs will have to understand that each human is a unique culmination of all his experiences. To understand humans in general, AIs will have to map where those individual experiences intersect and form a shared perception. Understanding the development of cultures and language will give an AI an assumed point of intersection of groups of people, but that will always have to be tempered with the individuals point of view. If AIs are biased, it's because those who program them want them to be. For an AI everything is the sum of something else.

Comment AIs Understand Fair (Score 1) 131

AIs understand fair better than most humans. For a machine 1+1=2 is fair. There is no other measure that make the first "1" more significant than the second "1". Both are equal and make 2. Trying to teach an AI anything else would be to break it's fundamental understanding of the universe.

Comment Re: Death really is unnecessary (Score 1) 128

Why do we need to adapt? For modern man, reproduction is merely a byproduct is a recreational activity. Humanity creates diversity for no environment need that science can't over come. We are not having babies for the survival of the species or even the survival of a family bloodline. If death becomes obsolete, the next question will be the need for children, at least at the current rate.

Comment Death really is unnecessary (Score 2) 128

Death really is unnecessary from an evolutionary standpoint. We have grown beyond the need to pass on genetic traits that allow us to adapt to changing environments since mankind uses technology to do this. Medicines are preventing the need to evolve immunities naturally so the fact that we die is simply the product of inefficiencies on cellular replication. The three things needed for immortality are negative apoptosis, efficient waste removal, and efficient genetic error checking. There is no need for the skin cells you have at 50 to be any different than at 20.

Comment Re:trump has nothing to do with this (Score 1) 251

Most government employees make less than their commercial counterparts, but what makes government service attractive is the job security. With Trump threatening to slash budgets, people see reductions in force actions happening more often. If job security isn't there, why not go to the private sector?

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