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Comment Internet as utility (Score 1) 172

As much as we as private citizens complain about the limitations of having to deal with ISP, imagine that all of your critical services have to deal with them as well. Although a higher priority, it's still leased through private companies. Any long-distance service is dependent upon private providers, even critical military communications. Let that sink in a second, even though encrypted, all military traffic eventually passing through a privately owned ISP. It's about time the monetization of a vital infrastructure ended and the internet is seen as the utility is should be.

Comment Quatify the cost means Itemizing expence (Score 1) 537

If you want to set a value of a particular degree compared to another, be prepared to establish standards of pricing for everything needed to provide that degree. If we don't have a comprehensive understanding of the cost of education, we get what we have in healthcare where no one knew what their treatment cost until they bought it.

Comment Re:More Fake News And Drama From The Left (Score 1) 659

You seem to not have a clear understanding of what a lie is. It was the Intel community that there may be blackmail material against Trump. It was Time Magazine who first reported the MLK bust was gone. And after it was reveled that Donna Brazil had passed information to the Clinton campaign, she was promptly fired, unlike anyone who lies in the Trump administration. I'm sure you would like to muddy the comparison between errors and lies, but people still have access to dictionaries to know the difference.

Comment Re:It's simpler than that (Score 4, Interesting) 335

It was never one thing. The GOP had 8 years to craft a strategy against HRC. They knew she would be running after Obama and keeping the negative spot light on her was second only to discrediting the Obama administration. Clinton was no "shittier" than any other politician, so the only way for the GOP to win was to indict politicians as a whole. This lead to Trumps win and even thought it was not the way they wanted it, they were more than willing to jump on the bandwagon.

Comment Fatal flaw of Democracy (Score 1) 335

It is an idealistic notion of one-man, one-vote until you realize that the person who studies the issues, understands the world views, and makes an educated choice has the same vote as a person who makes their choice based on rumors and colorful advertisements. Clearly being liked is far more important to far more people than being qualified for elected office.

Comment Re:Good luck with that. (Score 1) 320

Let me quote "Good Luck With That" You have a Republican House and Senate who signed a pledge to support their candidate. Any one who doesn't fall in line will see their re-election bids vanish as Trump outs them to their constituents. Lets see how those checks and balances hold up against a "Mandate"

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