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Comment Re:Solution to the gun problem (Score 1) 663

"A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed." If the point is the formation of a "regulated militia" the right to bear arm clearly is for that purpose. Being found unsuitable for membership in a militia doesn't infringe upon it's formation.

Comment Re:Solution to the gun problem (Score 1) 663

"Even the authors stated it was the right of the people" The authors seem to put the same stipulation ans the OP on this, the stipulation still being the formation of a militia. Now if you are arguing the definition of a Militia, that is something different. Some would argue that we already have on in the form of the National Guard.

Comment Re:Great for them (Score 1) 644

They using their right to petition. If laborers want to petition for higher wages, there don't need to get 100% of all laborers on board to push for change even if 100% will benefit from it. Heck, getting a traffic light put in on your local street doesn't require that every person on the street sign a petition, just enough make it apparent that the issue should be put into review.

Comment Damned if you do.... (Score 1) 118

If you have an idea in the current industry, you have to have something to present as a model of your idea. It's seems that copyright is getting in the way of even getting to that point. The folks that ran this project knew they would have to present it to Konamii eventually. It is a shame that fans won't even have the chance to see this since Konamii seems to want to sue first and ask questions later.

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