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Submission + - Stem Cells used to Regrow Severed Adult Finger, Thigh Tissue, more.

TempeNerd writes: University of Pittsburgh has successfully created a "stem cell powder" that has been shown to regenerate human tissue — in real, living humans.
The first example was an older man that severed the tip of his finger off in an accident with a model airplane. The wound was sprinkled with the powder and over the course of four weeks, the finger re-grew.
In another example, a marine lost 70% of his thigh muscle in a mortar explosion in Afghanistan. The powder was able to restore much of the tissue when other methods had failed.
This miracle powder is made with stem cells from a pig, Pig extracellular matrix.
Oh what wonders the future does hold!

Submission + - Harvest Energy from Internal Organ Movement (

TempeNerd writes: A consortium of research institutions have published research on a new implantable piezo-electric device that will harvest energy from internal organ movements (lungs, diaphragm, heart) to power devices like pacemakers.
As reported in, this appears to be the first time that such a design is actually powerful enough to do so without any external charging or other inputs required.

Of course, this is still in the animal testing phase, but this tech seems attainable and life changing.

Submission + - Arizona - First State to Tax Solar Installations

TempeNerd writes: The Arizona Corporation Commission has voted to tax Solar Installations.

While the ACC (Commission) did not vote in favor of getting rid of Net Metering, they did vote to put a monthly tax of Solar users. To my knowledge, this makes Arizona the first State in the Union to tax Solar customers.

A local paper article leading up to this vote.!

Comment Light Peak (Score 4, Informative) 336

And let the battle for a new standard begin.

I had thought Light Peak was the likely replacement technology.

10Gbps and backward compatible with USB.

"At 10Gb/s, you could transfer a full-length Blu-Ray movie in less than 30 seconds. Optical technology also allows for smaller connectors and longer, thinner, and more flexible cables than currently possible. Light Peak also has the ability to run multiple protocols simultaneously over a single cable, enabling the technology to connect devices such as peripherals, displays, disk drives, docking stations, and more."

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