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Journal Journal: Enfora Wi-Fi Sled for Treo 650

I found a Enfora wifi sled for my Treo 650 at Fry's Electronics on clearance last weekend. I ran into problems configuring it for my Linksys router. When I saved the configuration with the SSID in uppercase as I have it configured in my router, I kept getting the error "Access to Wi-Fi Adapter failed, Retry?" when it saved and went to the screen showing signal strength and the connect button, when I tried it in lowercase it saved but when I hit connect I kept getting the error "Trying to open network connection, failed to attach".

After playing with the configuration, I discovered that I had to turn SSID broadcast on, scan for the network, select my network, click ok then add it to the profile list with the encryption settings. After saving the settings, the SSID broadcast can be turned back off. When I saved I get an error "Access to Wi-Fi Adapter failed, Retry?" with option of yes or no. I kept hitting Yes and in the background the signal finally shows and in between the time when the error shows up again, I hit connect until it tries to connect. It finally connects. At that point you can connect and disconnect from the Network preferences without having to use the buggy Enfora wifi configuration tool.

The documentation for the wifi sled said to check for updates but I couldn't find any updates on they're web site. If they aren't going to update it, I wish they'd just open source the drivers and software for it.

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