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Comment Being diabetic could become an asset (Score 2) 69

I'd like to see an artificial organ developed that would directly convert excess blood sugar into electricity to charge electronics or for built in electric shock organs in the hands. It would turn being diabetic into an asset. You could charge up on sweets.

It could also be used to burn off the excess sugar as bio-luminescence to be the life of the party.

Comment Torus shaped universe (Score 2) 154

I really think it will turn out that the big bang/big crunch is a constant process where the universe is shaped like a stretched torus or bar magnet and matter flows out the hole on one side across the surface and back into the hole on the other side constantly. The hole would likely be so small that it crunches matter down to energy as it flows thru to the other side. Since the universe appears to be expanding quicker we would likely be on the outflow side.

Comment Re:End H-1B (Score 1) 566

H1B is an excuse not to support higher education in the US. Many countries provide much lower cost education than the US. Rather than forcing the price of an education down in the US; companies are taking the easy route and importing skilled labor to force down the wage on formerly high paying positions. Too many times have people been forced to train H-1B holders as their replacements. Also some of those visa holders who are here for a limited time are being trained in the US so that they can go elsewhere to do the same job. It's also used to circumvent ITAR restrictions. If the work for some industries are done in the US it's ITAR restricted, if that job is exported its no longer ITAR restricted and they can send the info/work almost anywhere.

As far as your job not being exportable; you forget the world we live in. Online educations while not the norm will eventually surpass direct attendance at a university and it doesn't matter where the professor is on the planet with online education. The only thing that matters is a decent Internet connection. Scoring of tests and papers is already done online by people looking to make extra money on the side. For that matter the position of educator could easily automated using standardized programs and materials then computer scoring. It'll be done under the guise of not enough educators to fill the positions so we'll export the jobs then eventually computerize them. Meanwhile there be droves of former educators on the unemployment line.

Other countries protect the jobs for their citizens; the US need to do this also.

Comment End H-1B (Score 1) 566

They need to end the H-1B visa program entirely and force companies to support tech education in the US. All the H-1B program does is allow them to bring over people to learn the job then export the job overseas when the visa runs out. This is why so many engineering jobs have left the US. By allowing spouses to share the visa; it'll double that job drain.

Comment Sooner than later (Score 1) 496

This would definitely give designers more freedom with car shapes. Side view cameras would help my Honda CR-Z with it's huge blind spots. The side windows look big on the outside but are tiny portals on the inside, they are basically useless windows for looks only. I still love the car but it needs more than just a rear view camera and wide side view mirrors.

Dash designs will have to be rethought to accommodate the extra displays.

Comment Re:Beta is terrible! (Score 1) 573

It's my experience that companies love to let all the little fires burn because it's below them to stoop down to put out the little fires. Some companies won't even bother to renew certificates, they just let the users keep having to click to accept the out of date certificate. I think the problem with the horrible slashdot beta is ego. They can't imagine anyone would dislike their new baby that's ugly and smells bad.

Comment Expense (Score 1) 635

Price of gas, vehicles, upkeep, taxes, etc. If companies like Elio motors actually get some of the car/motorcycle crossover vehicles out it might change the trends. I think Elio has the best chance because of the price point. I like the vehicle Lit motors is bringing out but it's way over priced. The target needs to be $10k not plus $20k. I usually buy small vehicles but even they can run over $20k. I blame government regulation and the general unwillingness of companies to cooperate on developing cheaper integrated systems that are universal across vehicles for driving the price up. My '91 CRX SI cost somewhere around $12k off the showroom but I recently had to get a new daily driver so I bought the CRZ which cost about $24k. It's a two seater and has six airbags. The thing is built like a tank. Between the extra weight and required government add-ons it is way more expensive than it should be. While safety is an issue however when you drive there has to be an assumed level of risk. When someone drives a motorcycle they know they have a high chance of biting the big one in a wreck. All the safety stuff just makes the driver over confident so they don't pay attention to what they are doing. If a person's chance of death goes up I bet they'll put the cell phone away and watch the road.

Comment Separate monitors (Score 1) 520

A monitor that big would be nice for a conference room or large scale rendering environment but for document editing I think I would rather have separate monitors to show different views. Tile several 1080p monitors next to each other and you have the added advantage of zooming each document full screen. Have the side ones on a pivot so you can rotate them to portrait as needed for extra vertical resolution with text documents.

Comment Re:Android is linux (Score 2) 128

Actually no... Linux is the underlying OS to which the Android system runs. Saying Android is Linux is like saying GNU is Linux. It does sit tightly on top of Linux but one could conceptually port Android to run on top of another Unix like variant, say FreeBSD.

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