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Journal Journal: Reaction to the new Culture of Apathy: I HATE YOU LOSERS!

I absolutely find people who "just don't care" revolting. Every single celebrity weblog is fake, not because they've "sold out"... but because one day long ago they stopped caring about the crap they put up and ... (more rant later, have to work)

Comments on AOP article

What appears here may be the biggest steaming pile of dung you've ever read, but at least it's something written with passion. It's not just the usual drivel you'll pick up in a DAVE BARRY COPYCAT blog or anything.

The Internet

Journal Journal: Commercial Rate ISP's: Know your Service Level Agreement!

Notes for a new topic:

know your SLA, most of them suck

99% uptime = 15 min outage total per day
99.9% uptime = a good benchmark for the standard
everyone should offer at least 3 'nines'

latency: use traceroute and pathping! most places garuntee a level of latency within their network, better ones should garuntee latency within their top-tier upstream/peers

maximum latency: at what level is a latent packet considered dead for uptime?

monitoring tools:
what ones exist? how to diagnose packet loss? how to diagnose latency? device specific links...

"you can't diagnose it with ping: ICMP is routed last"
don't fall for this bullshit, ICMP may arrive late but if your network is congested or has problems then your pings will have issues too!

User Journal

Journal Journal: Rejected story...

2002-01-17 07:05:25 ATI may lose their Linux market to nVidia. (articles,hardware) (rejected)

I forgot to post it here... sorry whoever reads my journal...

If ppl clamour for it I can re-create the central ideas.


Journal Journal: How to compile Quake3 VM code in Linux?

The Linux Quake3 SDK for version 1.17 is missing!

Since Loki isn't supporting quake3 anymore they have dropped all files from their site. Unfortunately this included the only known linux binary for q3lcc!

The source code for q3asm has been released (about a year ago) and with some effort it compiles under linux, but mod developing will not take place natively under linux without q3lcc.

LCC is a lightweight c compiler written by princeton university. ID used the latest version (4.1 release rcs version 4.27) but made some "slight modifications". The Polish(ed) Linux Distribution offers an rpm for lcc, but I haven't yet discovered how to make it produce quake3 asm code.

I have assurances from ttimo at id that releasing q3lcc for Linux is "on the todo list" (wether that means source or binary I'm not sure), but for the mean time does anyone have a copy of the linux q3 sdk v1.17 (with q3lcc binary included) downloaded form loki before they removed it? If there is a way for princeton standard lcc to compile quake3 asm code that would be another option.

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