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Comment My Experience (Score 3, Interesting) 314

Truthful experience here I bought an ecig about 3 years ago to try and get a nicotine fix when my Workplace put a stop to smokebreaks I really didn't expect it to work at all but I've never smoked a single cigarette since that day I even have a full unopened packet in a drawer.

It wasn't really my intention to stop smoking altogether I just found I didn't need to anymore.

Probably took about 3 or 4 months until I realised I could taste and smell better, they really do work although I think a lot depends on the quality of the liquid used.

I'd go as far to say that they have almost certainly extended my life and I couldn't have stopped without one.

Comment Personally I think it's wonderful software (Score 1) 193

I've a PRS-T1 and I use Calibre solely to manage it over Sonys own reader software

I think it's biggest strength is Calibre makes collections easy to manage which makes everything a lot easier for me all my novel series are automatically put into a collections and numbered appropriately. I've also used it for conversions more times than I can count and it's done a pretty good job basically I'd just be much worse off without it and probably wouldn't bother with e-readers at all.

Thanks Kovid if you read this

Comment Pretty sure they all do it but HTC has a cheek (Score 1) 112

Not afraid to say that I really like Samsung devices and have never been paid for it, name one other manufacturer who lets you add an extended battery and 64gb Micro SDXC card to their phones these days. For me that's a good enough reason to stick with them

It is an interesting article though because I've had similar thought's about HTC recently on certain other tech and Android forums the amount of HTC One posts is way beyond any other phone and most of them are full of nonsense reasons why the One is better than everything else but if you look at the actual specs the HTC is trailing the Galaxy S4 in everything.

To me that's very fishy.

Comment Re:Battery life (Score 1) 276

I get just about 2 days on my Galaxy S Advance (also know as s2 lite) but that's with a mugen battery although it's the same size as my original stock battery physically, I have to say though I have some real specs lust after the S4 this may be the one that gets me to update especially if I can get the exynos version in the UK.

Comment I've had a similar recent thought myself (Score 2) 154

I bought myself a cheap 10,000mah portable battery which is flat and basicly the size of a very thin ereader for charging my phone if the powers down but the shape and size got me thinking I know my Sony T1 reader has what's a tiny 1000mah battery and yet lasts a month or so, so what if I could alter the case and put this 10,000 mah into it. I'm thinking it would last at least a year between charges, it also has me wondering why no manufacturer has put a really big battery in one, maybe there is a flaw in my thinking. It's something I'm not likely to try however although if I had a 3d printer or something it could probably be done quite well.

Comment I'm guilty of overkill (Score 1) 164

I always buy class10 32gb cards I even have one in a sony ereader where I'm using maybe a gb at most and don't need that kind of speed whatsover it's a total waste even I recognise, I guess it's a character flaw with myself I've yet to get a 64gb one but I definitely do want them even if I never use the space.

Comment Re:Great (Score 1) 153

And I'm stuck with my much newer S Advance on Gingerbread 2.3.6 they never even patched the last exploit for it.

I still love the phone though don't get me wrong it's pretty capable but it's quite sickening the way Samsung ignores it just because the S3 came a few weeks later.

Comment PS Mobile (Score 1) 50

Sony will never allow this they have already announced PS Mobile which will let Indy devs write their own apps/games, plus the games on the Vita have the ability to refuse to open until you update to the latest firmware I've had this happen a few times when a new Firmwares released. So everyone will have to update to the fixed Firmware anyway or leave their bought games useless and unplayable.

Vitas a great system by the way and there are tons of games on PSN if you take into account the PSP and PS1 games it also runs, Just for the record though I have over ten Vita only titles and they are all good games.

Comment Sad day for the Vita Sony completely baffles me (Score 1) 102

Wipeout 2048 is really the best game I have for it and the DLC was excellent as well, I just don't understand Sony first Zipper make Unit 13 which is still the vitas best shooter and they get canned, then they give resistance to Nihilistic of all companys who ruin it and then as a reward they also let them work on Vita COD which I predict will be basicly the same.

Now they kill Studio Liverpool it's almost like the companys are being rewarded for bad games and punished for good ones.

Comment Google need to get gift cards worldwide (Score 0) 184

I know they just started gift cards in the USA but they really needed them everywhere else more, I think the main reason for Android piracy is it's to hard to buy things on Play I know I won't be able to purchase anything there until the gift cards get to the UK.

I know Americans are usually pretty shocked not everyone uses a credit card but I've honestly never needed or wanted one and can still buy credit for iTunes, Skype, PSN, Amazon, eBay and dozens of others with no hassle.

Comment Re:Sorry, you're wrong (Score 1) 738

But on Ios your tied to only the default app my problem with it is I might want to share a file across multiple apps. IOS just doesn't let that happen you could work round it with dropbox or something maybe but then you are likely to end up with multiple copies of the original file all over the filesystem.

Basicly every App sandboxes it's own files and other apps can't get at them, even a common shared folder would work but Apple don't even allow that.

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