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Comment Re:It better not be. (Score 1) 515

I have always thought that the popularity of KDE was due primarily to its familiarity, being very similar to the Windows desktop environment, and early on the massive proliferation of Knoppix LiveCDs.

I used KDE early on (1.x), but moved to Gnome because it allowed many more user tweakable options for customizing the desktop.

Over the years, Gnome has become less and less friendly to customization, and with the arrival of Unity, I jumped over to MATE.

Comment Re:Was Google+ really so bad? (Score 4, Insightful) 185

FB already existed, but there are many people like myself who -loath- FB and want an alternative. G+ looked like it might be what we were looking for, but then a the stipulations started cropping up making people dump it like a hot rock. First you had to use your real name. Then they force bundled all of the google products to your G+ account, whether you wanted them separate and unique or not. Then there was the periodic addition of some 'feature' that got activated by default, and most recently, forcing changes to the UI, similar to the way youtube does.

IMHO, it really all comes down to user choice (or lack thereof) as to how the social structure was regulated. They need to pick a layout and refine it instead of radically changing it every few months, or better yet, allow user customize-able themes.

After all this, I still prefer G+ over FB, entirely due to the signal to noise ratio. I dont want G+ to be another FB, where everyone and their dog (literally) has an account.

Comment Re:I don't care if it's been slow (Score 1) 220

The demise really isnt that slow when you consider how long and heavily entrenched it has been.

As better alternatives continue to arrive, it will continue to dwindle until only a few die-hards are left. In the end it will only be found on dead unmaintained websites and in archival works.

Seen it happen before. It was called RealPlayer.

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