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Comment Re:LMMS (Score 1) 192

Good music production is an art in itself, just because there's an overwhelming amount of shitty and popular hip hop doesn't mean that the whole genre sucks.
Even producing a 'shitty' hip hop beat takes more effort than you're giving it credit for; unless you're already a producer/engineer in another genre there's a lot of material to learn before it even sounds presentable by generic hip hop standards.

Comment Re:Democracy. (Score 1) 356

Of course voting in elections is important. I'm just saying that voting with your wallet is more effective right now, as it can actually influence the decision of someone with more influence than you a lot more easily. It's a start. Eventually, the politicians should be accountable directly to the people.

Comment Re:Democracy. (Score 1) 356

This is a fair point, not sure how to answer it properly. The middle class is supposed to be the biggest group of consumers, so businesses would want to cater to their interests. Since big business is what basically owns the government, the politicians will become second hand representative of a large part of the populace. Maybe I'm being way too optimistic though, but I like to keep hope.

Comment Starcraft Races (Score 1) 60

I like how they describe the Protoss as 'Photosynthetic Aliens' compared to the Terran as 'Humans' and the Zerg as 'Insectoid Aliens'
I mean, I guess that is part of the lore that Protoss photosynthesize, but definitely not the first thing that comes to mind.
More like 'Super Advanced Aliens' vs 'Super Primal Hive Insect Aliens"

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