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Submission + - An American Search Alternative to Google (

TehBeer writes: "We're starting a Kickstarter to create an open source search engine not based on the Stanford Patented PageRank system licensed by Google that was originally derived from Baidu founder Robin Lee's Rankdex. It uses a FOSS Apache stack comprising of HBase, Hadoop, Whirr, and Data Nucleus and Spring Framework 3. The source code license costs $25 because we don't want to make it FOSS and mail people CDs and waste plastic to give the impression of value such as other Kickstarter open software projects have."

Submission + - Fallen EP-1 Engine Source Code Available for Downl (

TehBeer writes: On its one-year anniversary, Fallen Ep-1 creator Vincenzo Alagna has decided to post the full source code for the game will be on at Lain Engine. The code will maintained on an online repository.
The engine was released under a Donationware license to help indy game developers and people that want to learn about iOS programming, C++, and OpenGL ES.

Comment Re:Dell Isn't Censoring (Score 1) 228

I originally posted that article, and I will NEVER buy from Dell again. I also own a small corporation. It is so clear that Dell is violating the antitrust settlement with Microsoft here, it's not even funny. I buy all my gear from now, and NONE of it is Dell. I just loved the Indian call center by the way, nice touch not being able to understand a god darned word of what the people supporting you are saying.

Three links for you Dell, consider these the 3 ghosts of Christmas from a Christmas Carol

1. s=gen&l=en&c=ca&cs=cadhs1

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The resource cannot be found.

I can't even log into my dell account because of Windows.

I asked Dell on camera at Linux world in Toronto 3 years ago why they wouldn't preload linux on inspirons, and off camera they told me about the deal with Microsoft. LITERALLY. I turned the dv cam back on shortly after and chronicled it. I will publicly republish this film in a short time.

3. 5&tid=109

Offering rebates to AMERICAN companies to keep competitors off of affordable retail hardware is not within the bounds of the DOJ settlement, and Dell KNOWS it.

This is in clear violation of a settlement your partners took with the US DOJ.

Dell can pound dirt and cry for all I care. They deserve it for helping Microsoft to destroy our freedom of choice and diverse American tech.

The Ghost of Xmas future is here Dell, do you want to right some wrongs, or do you want to make love to Steve Ballmer? You decide.

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