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Comment Re:The answer was the same 6 years ago: (Score 0) 345

well when 1 movie is like 700mb, you only 100mb left for gaming and surfing, I couldn't function on that, youtube would eat that in ten minutes, so maybe you use it a lot less then you think, I downloaded like 50 gb last month in shows and movies and my 200gb was gone in like 16 days streaming tv and video

Comment Re:Nothing new for Telstra (Score 1) 217

Well I'm one of those people who you think is stupid, but I do live in a rural area so the service from every one else is dismal. On the internet front I could get more downloads from another company but the few I tried ripped me of by saying I was on a cap but charging me standard rates on top of the cap (AAPT) and if I move to another house they treat as breaking the contract and charge me extra (westnet), and the bloody mobiles, telstra works every where with a next g phone, and good reception on digital out of town, I had a vodaphone, virgin and Crazy johns and their signal would die as soon as leave a town. Plus because my bills a paid on time they give me discounts, happy to add and change a plan for me, the service from them has been awesome, especially when I was a bit younger and some times struggled to pay bills I could ring them and other to pay it of in instalments, unfortunately AAPT wouldn't give us the same option, even though I couldn't pay it because it was too high because of there fuck up. The idea of keeping the copper lines is a brilliant one, especially in the country where we have quite a few power failures and the phones just keep working wich is an absolute releif when I have small children, I pay more but moneys no substitute for service and reliability IMHO.

Comment Re:Just like a video game! (Score 1) 199

Thats exactly what I was thinking, and the fact they kept mentioning LOD, just change the L to a N, the brotherhood of NOD are are about to attack and these Tesla Coils are the perfect defense. Just need a fleet of mammoth tanks with 2 turrets and a set of rocket launchers each, a commando and a few battleships and we'll be fine

Comment Re: unresolvable issues (Score 1) 93

Same here, but I've installed xfce and am now tweaking it so its looks like gnome 2. Also i set my / drive as a separate partition too my home folder so when precise pangolin comes out I'm going to install Xubuntu instead of Ubuntu and try and import my settings, I did try oneric but it seemed very buggy and slow, mind you I did install gnome shell and used fall-back mode which isn't as good as gnome 2 or even xfce for that matter, can't stand Unity, to much like OSX, window controls should be on the window not the task bar, well when your a heavy mouse user like me anyway. Another thing I like about xfce is my two screens have different wallpapers which I really like.

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