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Comment Re:It's like deja vu all over again (Score 1) 786

I haven't extensively used Win8, but I've tried it for a while and the thing that is the most frustrating about the new UI whatever it is called this week is the dual nature of it. If Metro can be used just as a start menu, that's fine for it, but having desktop applications and metro applications side-by-side or well, on top of each other kind of made me feel lost. I'm sure I could get used to this, but it isn't a good UI because the metro and desktop are so far philosophically from each other. I think I could even feel more comfortable with ALL windows running full screen than having a desktop feel like it's just one metro application.

Comment Re:What. The. Fuck? (Score 1) 618

Isn't it the other way around? The illiterate masses think that 1 GB is 0.9313 Gigabytes, while 1 GB really is 10^9 bytes and 1 GiB is 2^30 bytes, so the conclusion is that 1 GiB is the capacity you (and lots of software) are mistakenly refering to as 1 GB.

This is the way I see it. Besides, I like the fact that in the normal scenario where I'm assessing wether some chunk of data will fit the free space I can easily convert the units in my head. Will a file the size with reported size of 3221225473 fit reported free space of 3.0 gigabytes?

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