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Comment Cyber Terrorism? (Score 1) 288

Sony may not be a pristine white angel, used excessive measures for protecting their intellectual property, and retracted a few features that made their products more appealing to the geeky part of prospective customers. But this, this is going way way too far. What would we do without Sony if they were to wither and die under all these attacks? Whoever is behind this obviously is no longer trying to hurt Sony, but crush them while they are down licking their wounds.

Comment Re:Shenanigans? (Score 1) 277

I'd have to call it that for this reason. 1, who is going to notice an antenna on a tripod while they are typing their "s3kr37 c0d3z" and 2, he smashed the keys so hard while he was typing I bet even a deaf person could have heard what he was typing. I do see the logic behind how it works but it did look a little suspicious to me.

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