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Comment Re:Seems this topic is stuck in the roundabout. (Score 1) 364

That! "I paid money for it, it should protect my life." is the key principle the car should be built to.

If this was public transportation, it can be have AI designed to protect public, minimize damage or whatever.

But if it your property, then it should protect it's owner.

It is kind of like hiring a robot bodyguard and then bodyguard not shooting at band of people trying to kill you because of course life of multiple people is more important than life of one person?

The car's responsibility is towards the owner, not some not very well defined public good.

Comment Re:Cheaper (Score 1) 349

Could it be like a movie business? Where a movie never posts a profit yet somehow everyone on the studio side is doing quite OK?
Maybe that is the business model? Take loans, run the airline, pay the loan installments, fuel costs, salaries and never make profit. Yet the stock grows and owners make money.

Comment Re:Optimizing the driver stack... (Score 1) 80

First, I don't think AMD (or any other company) execs would recognize driver optimization if it hit them in the face.
Second, do you think nVidia is hiring from a different talent pool than AMD? Neither company has any special secret magic sauce driver optimizations that a well trained monkey at the other company cannot come up with. If you look into nouveau and radeon open source kernel and Mesa drivers you will be able to see how much easier nVidia hardware is to work with, that may be one of the reasons nVidia drivers are less of a mess. But not by much. I had a fair share of driver hangs and memory corruptions on my laptops with nVidia cards (GTX 560M on Asus G53SX in particular).

Comment Re:Who gives a shit? (Score 1) 593

I highly encourage you to apply for a job at Google. I do not think anyone will ask you to use Klingon, just write bunch of algorithms on a whiteboard. I think you will find this experience maybe very intellectually demanding but fair. I do not think anyone will judge you on your chromosomal makeup.

Comment Re:I never thought I'd live to see the day... (Score 1) 386

I've got Z Ultra GPE too. I don't miss flash much but then I don't use cell phone camera for pictures that I actually want to look at (just for notes/reminders etc).
The design is amazing, the size of the phone is just right, and it replaced my Note 2 + Tab 7.7 combo. I combined it with a wallet case so I have only one thing to forget ;-)
I only wish it had Qi wiress charging.

Comment You can program on a locked-down Chromebook just (Score 1) 101

I used Python Editor V3 to play with Python.
There are plenty Javascript editors, with WebGL it can be fun.
And if C/C++ is your favourite, there are probably online compilers for emscripten or asm.js and whatnot.

Comment Re:not private (Score 1) 128

Huh, where? I think there was some retarded law like this passed in Hungary or something recently.
In most countries you can take photos of pretty much anything in the public. The only limitations are usually for commercial use of a photo of a person.
And for that celebrities and politicians have both more and less protections, since they tend to be fair game for quite invasive "press" photos but any attempt to use their image to promote products and services will result in much bigger damages than for Joe Random person.

As for prior consent. Go out to a street in your city, now ask everyone you see for consent to take your typical tourist photo. See the problem? It is unworkable.

Comment RIL and EFS (Score 3, Insightful) 126

I don't find that surprising. When I was playing with CyanogenMod it became obvious to me that RIL reads/writes files from EFS partition on behalf of the modem because settings for the modem, like IMEI, state of network lock, preferred networks etc, are stored there. I am not sure whether the interface is general enough so the modem can ask for any file.
If they are concerned about binary blobs doing unknown stuff, RIL is small potatoes. There is huge GPS daemon binary made by 3rd party. Sensor drivers are linked with closed source processing libraries (AKM/akmd). Camera loads whole bunch of image/video processing libraries which are closed source/3rd party too. Lots of phones also use closed source 3rd party audio processing libraries. Not to mention 16MB of compressed modem firmware, running on modem CPU which is like another little independent computer.

Comment Amazon forked it just fine. (Score 1) 241

But they built their own app store. Microsoft is free to do it as well. Yandex just released kit for using their services and app store too , so if Yandex can do it, so can Microsoft.
Now, if they want access to Google Play Store they will probably have to go through the same process as any other Android phone vendor and sign and agreement and go through testing and certification. Virgin developers or not, if you want to access Play Store you need an agreement.

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