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Comment Unlikely. (Score 1) 1615

This sounds fishy to me. He was pointing out stars, so chances are he'd be shining the laser at a rather high angle. I don't know how much exposure you people have to planes, but I'll point something out: The cockpit windshield is on the top half of the jet. below the windshield, a nose bulges out. It provides better aerodynamics and shit, I guess. It's irrelevant. Now, tell me, how could he paint a jet and somehow manage to shine a lser at a constellation or whatever else and manage to hit a plane at cruising altitude and overcome the nose and the angle of the windshield to hit the pilot in the eye. Even taking off, the plane would be pointed at an angle high enough that the laser should be unable to reach the windshield and hit a pilot in the eye. Landing is more likely, but even then you have the task of dealing with range. I assume he wasn't inside the gates of an airport, which would put him at a minimum of several thousand feet away from the plane. This sounds like a huge load of bullshit to me.

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