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Submission + - Do Gut Bacteria Rule Our Minds? (ucsf.edu)

giorgioarmani writes: It sounds like science fiction, but it seems that bacteria within us – which greatly outnumber our own cells – may very well be affecting both our cravings and moods to get us to eat what they want, and often are driving us toward obesity.In an article published this week in the journal BioEssays, researchers from UC San Francisco, Arizona State University and University of New Mexico concluded from a review of the recent scientific literature that microbes influence human eating behavior and dietary choices to favor consumption of the particular nutrients they grow best on, rather than simply passively living off whatever nutrients we choose to send their way.

Submission + - Can our local supercluster defeat the accelerating Universe's expansion?

StartsWithABang writes: When dark energy was discovered, and the expansion of the Universe was shown to be accelerating, there was concurrently another puzzle that received much less attention: the problem of the Great Attractor. Galaxies appear to move due to both the Hubble expansion and the local gravitational field, but the gravity from the galaxies we saw didn’t account for all the motion. There must have been an additional set of masses, revealed only in the 2010s with the identification of the supercluster Laniakea. All the galaxies in our local neighborhood are headed towards it, but are we moving fast enough to overcome the expansive pull of dark energy? The answer looks to be no.

Comment Give mod points specifically to rate AC's. (Score 3, Insightful) 337

When I get my dear 5 mod-points from time to time, then life is good. But often too quick are they usually wasted on down voting AC's toxic posts. I wish I got 5 extra points that could be spent on only AC's... or some variant like that.

Or let me get AC voting points separately from the normal points. Like every day :P

Submission + - Robotic exoskeleton glove gives operators super gripping strength (design-engineering.com)

An anonymous reader writes: Swedish-based Bioservo is working with General Motors to further develop the RoboGlove, a force-multiplying battery-powered wearable. The collaboration comes out of an existing partnership between GM and NASA and brings together the space technology of NASA, engineering from GM and medtech from Bioservo. The exoskeleton glove is being developed for industrial applications.

Submission + - Electronic voting comming to Australia (smh.com.au) 2

aberglas writes: A recently very close election took a few days to fully count by hand. So now both the opposition and government are calling for electronic voting. It is only early days, will go to committee, but with both parties supporting it there will be not much voice against it. Maybe we could get some used Diebold machines from the US, pre-loaded with vote-correcting software?

(Australia has a long tradition of hand counting, with scrutineers at every booth to ensure accuracy. The entire election costs about $5/vote, which is much less than electronic machines. The voting is preferential, which is an excellent system but takes a tiny bit more work to count.)

Comment Re:What the fuck are they talking about? (Score 1) 109

In Sweden its called a lumber yard sign, (brädgård). Since on Swedish maps, the symbol marks out lumber yards :) So that's what usually call it ;)

Apparently the symbol itself can be traced back to ancient rome, where they used to write lb, short for "Libra Pondo" meaning pound in weight. When handwritten fast in cursive, it morphed the l and b together into the #-sign.

Comment Re:Missing the point.... (Score 1) 470

Anti GMO is basically conspiracy theories. GMO leads to a lot less use of pesticides, and much higher yields:


And roundup is not carcinogenic, Its the most used herbicide in the world for a reason:


If you want to know more about the GMO, and why information about it is so very skewed, I can highly recommend listening to:

"The Skeptics Guide to the Universe Podcast. They research and talk at length about GMO related topics all the time. They made me go from anti-GMO to the other other camp. Sav the movie Food Inc.before which had me rallied up real good, but now I know it is largely made up bullshit, at least the GMO parts in it.

Comment Re: Works great for podcasts (Score 2) 296

Most podcasts i listen to are about science or philosophy where i find i cannot/ dont want to speed up at all, since the material is so dense that i need to contemplate while listening. I rewind a few seconds very often. If i listen too quickly i zone out, or find afterwords that i cannot recapilate to myself what was just presented to me. A great way to make sure you understood it is to summerize it in text after lidtening. If you cannot, the what was the point in listening in the first place? I can listen to Audiobooks at a quicker pace, depending on the reader and how complicated the plot is, usually i do that if the presenter talks glacially slow.

Comment Re:Great news for a fossil fuel free Sweden... (Score 1) 106

98% of Sweden's energy comes from carbon free or carbon neutral sources. (Hydro, Nuclear, and BIO) Only 2% of electricity is generated using fossil fuels, and almost all oil plants have been either shut down or relegated to reserve use.


The railway system is already electrified.
So the only thing using carbon sources nowadays is the transport sector on roads. (cars and trucks). Which is why we are electrifying them as well :)

Comment Re:A waste of effort (Score 1) 107

Why are we doing things like this? They're a waste of time and money, which could be spent on things like curing HIV and cancer, ending world hunger, or finding a solution to global warming. Spaceflight solves none of these problems and is a complete waste of money. It's also a waste of talent because these scientists could be putting their effort into solving so many more important problems. Why go to space when we need to solve our problems here on Earth? I'll be censored to -1 because this is unpopular with Slashdot users, most of whom don't care about solving the real problems in the world.

It is not a waste of time and money! Spaceflight is a frontier in science and engineering, which is cross pollinated with all other fields of science. From agriculture, environment, communications, astronomy, medicine, meteorology. and so on. Which in turn is about having easy, cheap access to information and education for all humans. Including poor people in remote areas. And tracking and understanding global warming.

And that is only the start. One of Space X's goals is to make access to space real cheap, so that sending up something won't cost 450 million dollars. People seems to have a hard time imagine the opportunities that will arise when launching a rocket will cost 1/100th of the current price. A whole new industry will form. Very small companies, cities, universities will be able to build and operate satellites, even maybe travel up and conduct research in a not too far future.

Solving problems in space means solving problems on earth.The earth is in space after all. If we ignore that we will miss out on endless possibilities and maybe miss serious threats to all of mankind. Including the cures to the problems you mention. If people reasoned like you all the time we would still be stuck in some middle ages like society.

Reality is never simple, and you never know where you will find the next great invention that helps mankind to prosper.

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