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Comment Companies do this all the time (Score 0, Troll) 230

It's called testing the waters. Like you do with women. The sole fact that this wasn't even ordered to be done by Mr. Ballmer is very telling, and in fact is based on some rumors from unknown people. The idea is sound, because it would allow Facebook to leverage their social network to gather data and organize it easily, just like Google is desperately trying to do with Google+ and failing. All three companies understand the power of social networks used for search data.

However, being one of the largest companies on planet and always thinking about long term strategy instead of quick gains, Microsoft doesn't really need to sell Bing. Their online division might be losing money on paper, but it's more of a supportive division anyway. Don't forget that they also work on services like MSN Messenger, their news sites, and very wide array of other services and software like Azure. They support Microsoft's and Windows' strong brand name and are also a division of innovation that will enable Microsoft's success in the future as more and more services move online. People on slashdot always complain that companies aren't thinking long term but instead just try to get quick profits. Well, Microsoft is one of those companies that only think long term. In fact, most of what Google does is to gain quick profit and ditch the projects that fail with that. Just see how many projects Google quickly and silently cancels compared to Microsoft.

Comment Re:Incoherent strategy? (Score 0) 87

Sony's own website makes mention of the supported devices requiring a touch screen, so, that kind of rules out the PS3:

You can develop games and applications that utilize physical buttons and touchscreen by using the integrated development environment (IDE) and simulator for the PC which are both included in the PlayStation(R)Suite SDK. [emphasis mine]

Sorry, but that just says you can develop games for devices that utilize physical buttons and/or touchscreen. That really doesn't sound like it's required to have touch capability.

Comment How it feels to be targeted all the time (Score 2, Insightful) 93

I live in a part of world that has little limits on how you can advertise, sell your services and that has large structures for commissions regarding, well, pretty much anything. Want to take a ride somewhere? The driver will try to sell you anything. Instead of taking you where you want to go, or what is the best place for what you want to do, he will take you where he will get commissions from anything you spend. Be that restaurant or any other venue of entertainment. You can't ever be without thinking if you get good service, or if you are just used for making money. It starts to get into your head.

For me, Google is largely the same. That is how they make money. I much more happily pay for a piece of software or service when I know exactly what I get, and that I get it good price without foul play. Google and other marketers twist this. Nobody has time to completely research or get to know what they buy or what's available. Those marketers rely on that weakness, and in turn you are getting screwed. Do you really want to be thinking all the time if someone is screwing you over? It sucks.

Comment Re:Incoherent strategy? (Score 2, Insightful) 87

I think it's a great thing actually. Now that they introduced that you can develop for all Windows, XBOX360, WP7 and PS3 using .net. For example C# really is an awesome language to code with, and Visual Studio is a great piece of software that totally kicks any other IDE's. I have tried Objective-C, Java and their IDE's several times and they come nothing close to how good it is to use C#/.NET. This is great.

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