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Comment Re:He's not a nice guy... (Score 2) 95

Oh /. trolls, why can't I quit you?

How can you possibly say he had no authority to deny anything? His rules. His game. HIS PROPERTY. He most certainly has the right to say if and how someone else can use it. He certainly has NO OBLIGATION WHATSOEVER to accept your "help".

By your logic, I can come over right now and drive your car to Tijuana and back.

Now, you claim to want "intelligent discourse"? Fine. Go through my post above, where I start with "Well, yes and no. Thing is, this isn't about money" and logically and factually disprove what I said. So far, you haven't done so.

You want "intelligent discourse"? Prove it. Start by engaging in it, instead of ad hominem attacks.

Comment Re:He's not a nice guy... (Score 2) 95

Well, yes and no. Thing is, this isn't about money.

Don't believe me? Read section VI. I quote: "You may have noticed that none of these provisions discuss money."

It's about intellectual property. They (SJ Games, to include whatever writers they were working with), as the content creator, most certainly have the right to say how their property can be used. Just because you're not making money off of it doesn't give you the right to use their IP. The licensing that they refer to in the section you reference is as much (or more, I'd bet) about protecting their IP and how it is used than about $$$. And when I say "how it is used", I refer to not just the medium in which it is used (digital vs. tabletop) but, more importantly, to the content that is used in conjunction with it.

Nowhere does it say *anything* like "if a computer is anywhere near his games, you own [sic] him royalties".

Look, they are not going around suing groups of tabletop GURPS players who are sharing a single copy of GURPS 4e, ok? Nor are they suing anyone who is making/maintaining character sheets on a computer.

Sorry that he denied your request to include GURPS for OpenRPG, but neither he not his company was under any obligation to allow you to use their IP, regardless of whether money changed hands.

Comment Re:And the problem is? (Score 1) 314

Read the whole thing. "Do not confirm or deny it was installed." and "Do not attempt to remove" are not even remotely the same thing as Not "Do not ignore the problem". Further, I would argue that these are not improper actions for the support staff, as the issue was being actively investigated. Improperly removing malware such as this can be very destructive to any OS. By telling their staff not to attempt it, they are preventing further potential problems, both technical and legal. So, while I thank you for pointing the memo out to me, I'm still waiting for proof that they were instructed to ignore the problem, because that memo clearly shows that they were not instructed to ignore it.

Comment Re:And the problem is? (Score 1) 314

"Instructed to ignore?" Provide proof, son, or you're just talkin' out your blowhole. And for the record, I do not work for or with Apple. I just like seeing companies handle issues in a reasonable manner. The only one with an axe to grind here is you.

Comment Re:Apple and its fanboys helped make this happen (Score 1) 314

...if you buy a Mac, you'll never have to think again about taking care of your computer except maybe once a blue moon.

Right. That's what the majority of people want. Just like they don't want to think about the maintenance of their car. They want it to just work. And like it or not, Apple delivers on that.

Role Playing (Games)

Co-op Neverwinter RPG Announced For 2011 169

Atari and Cryptic Studios are teaming up to make a new Dungeons & Dragons-based RPG called Neverwinter, planned for Q4 2011. Gameplay will center on five-person groups that can include other players and/or AI allies, and there will be an extensive content generation system. Gamespot spoke with Cryptic CEO Jack Emmert, who explained parts of the game in more depth: "I think there are two very unique gameplay elements in 4th Edition that we've done something interesting with: action points and healing surges. In the tabletop game, an action point lets a player perform a reroll or add an additional die to a roll. In our game, action points are earned through combat and spent to power special abilities called 'boons.' These boons give players special boosts, but only in certain circumstances. Healing surges represent the amount of times a player can heal himself before resting. In D&D and Neverwinter, various abilities let players use a surge immediately or perhaps replenish the number of surges available. It's a precious resource that players will need to husband as they adventure in the brave new world. Positioning, flanking, tactics, and using powers with your teammates are also all things that come from the 4th Edition that are interesting. Of course, we're using power names and trying to keep power behavior consistent with the pen-and-paper counterparts. Neverwinter will definitely feel familiar to anyone who has played the 4th Edition."

Microsoft Clears MechWarrior4 Free Launch 131

Vamman writes "If you've been following the drama surrounding the free release of MechWarrior4, then you're probably aware that the initial announcement, made last summer, was a bit premature. Now, nearly a year since that announcement was made, MekTek Studios has announced that Microsoft Legal has given clearance for the free release of Mechwarrior4. This move by Microsoft Games couldn't come at a better time for the community, as the owners of MechWarrior are attempting a reboot of the franchise."

8-Year Fan-Made Game Project Shut Down By Activision 265

An anonymous reader writes "Activision, after acquiring Vivendi, became the new copyright holder of the classic King's Quest series of adventure game. They have now issued a cease and desist order to a team which has worked for eight years on a fan-made project initially dubbed a sequel to the last official installment, King's Quest 8. This stands against the fact that Vivendi granted a non-commercial license to the team, subject to Vivendi's approval of the game after submission. After the acquisition, key team members had indicated on the game's forums (now stripped of their original content by order of Activision) that Activision had given the indication that it intended to keep its current fan-game licenses, but was not interested in issuing new ones."

Former Exec Says Electronic Arts "Is In the Wrong Business" 180

Mitch Lasky was the executive vice president of Mobile and Online at Electronic Arts until leaving the publisher to work at an investment firm. He now has some harsh things to say about how EA has been run over the past several years, in particular criticizing the decisions of CEO John Riccitiello. Quoting: "EA is in the wrong business, with the wrong cost structure and the wrong team, but somehow they seem to think that it is going to be a smooth, two-year transition from packaged goods to digital. Think again. ... by far the greatest failure of Riccitiello's strategy has been the EA Games division. JR bet his tenure on EA's ability to 'grow their way through the transition' to digital/online with hit packaged goods titles. They honestly believed that they had a decade to make this transition (I think it's more like 2-3 years). Since the recurring-revenue sports titles were already 'booked' (i.e., fully accounted for in the Wall Street estimates) it fell to EA Games to make hits that could move the needle. It's been a very ugly scene, indeed. From Spore, to Dead Space, to Mirror's Edge, to Need for Speed: Undercover, it's been one expensive commercial disappointment for EA Games after another. Not to mention the shut-down of Pandemic, half of the justification for EA's $850MM acquisition of Bioware-Pandemic. And don't think that Dante's Inferno, or Knights of the Old Republic, is going to make it all better. It's a bankrupt strategy."
The Almighty Buck

Forrester Says Tech Downturn Is "Unofficially Over" 130

alphadogg writes "The US IT market will grow by 6.6% as high-tech spending rebounds in 2010, according to Forrester Research's latest estimates. The research firm based its projections on data reported for 2009, though its fourth quarter numbers are incomplete. Forrester says hints of a recovery surfaced in the third quarter, and now the company expects the global IT market to grow by 8.1% in 2010. Forrester's US and Global IT Market Outlook: Q4 2009 reads: 'The tech downturn of 2008 and 2009 is unofficially over, while the Q3 2009 data for the US and the global market showed continued declines in tech purchases (as we expected). We predict that the Q4 2009 data will show a small increase in buying activity, or at worst, just a small decline.'"

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