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Submission + - NYPD to Go Green, Trial All Electric Scooter (techluver.com)

Tech.Luver writes: "New York Police have found a way to help save the planet and perhaps sneak up on bad guys at the same time: an all-electric, ultra-quiet scooter. The New York Police Department will begin road testing four of the plug-in Vectrix scooters early next month _ part of a broader campaign to make the nation's largest police department a greener one as well. The 36,000-officer NYPD has been looking for ways to retool its massive motor fleet to guzzle less gas and inflict less harm on the environment. A handful of NYPD hybrid cars and so-called flex-fuel vehicles, which can run on both gasoline and ethanol, are already on the road. ( http://techluver.com/2007/12/25/nypd-to-go-green-start-road-testing-all-electric-ultra-quiet-scooters-in-january/ )"

Submission + - BitDefender Warns Of GoogleTextAd Hijacking Trojan (techluver.com)

Tech.Luver writes: "BitDefender announced that BitDefender antivirus analysts have detected a new trojan, which hijacks Google text advertisements, replacing them with ads from a different provider. The threat, which is identified by BitDefender as Trojan.Qhost.WU, modifies the infected computers' Hosts file (a local storage for domain name / IP address mappings, which is consulted before domain name servers and is considered authoritative). The modified file contains a line redirecting the host "page2.googlesyndication.com" which should point to an IP of the form 6x.xxx.xxx.xxx to a different address, of the form 9x.xxx.xxx.xxx, so that the infected machines' browsers read ads from server at the replacement address rather than from Google. ( http://techluver.com/2007/12/19/bitdefender-detects-new-trojan-that-hijacks-google-text-advertisements/ )"
The Internet

Submission + - CableLabs Awards First DOCSIS 3.0 Qualifications (techluver.com)

Tech.Luver writes: "In a major milestone for the cable industry, CableLabs has awarded qualification status for Data over Cable Service Interface Specification (DOCSIS) 3.0. DOCSIS 3.0 specifications enable downstream data rates of 160 Mbps or higher and upstream data rates of 120 Mbps or higher. To achieve these higher data rates DOCSIS 3.0 describes a methodology for channel bonding in both the upstream and downstream directions. A minimum of four channels, each with throughput of 40 Mbps, is specified. DOCSIS 3.0 also incorporates support for the Internet Protocol version 6 (IPv6). ( http://techluver.com/2007/12/19/cablelabs-awards-industry-%E2%80%98first%E2%80%99-with-docsis-30-qualification/ )"
The Internet

Submission + - MPAA Wins Copyright Lawsuit Against TorrentSpy (techluver.com)

TechLuver writes: "In a significant victory for the major Hollywood studios, a federal judge in Los Angeles has terminated an ongoing lawsuit against the operators of TorrentSpy.com in favor of all six of the Motion Picture Association of America's (MPAA) member companies. The District Judge Florence-Marie Cooper of the Central District of California found that the defendants, Justin Bunnell, Forrest Parker and Wes Parker, had lied to the court and had systematically destroyed evidence. She also found that TorrentSpy is responsible for copyright infringements. A further court session next year will determine what penalties will be imposed — the extent of damages and any other sanctions, such as closure of the TorrentSpy website. ( http://techluver.com/2007/12/19/mpaa-wins-copyright-infringement-lawsuit-against-torrentspy/ )"

Submission + - Time Names Vladimir Putin Person of the Year 2007 (techluver.com)

Tech.Luver writes: "In a year when Al Gore won the Nobel Peace Prize and green became the new red, white and blue; when the combat in Iraq showed signs of cooling but Baghdad's politicians showed no signs of statesmanship; when China, the rising superpower, juggled its pride in hosting next summer's Olympic Games with its embarrassment at shipping toxic toys around the world; and when J.K. Rowling set millions of minds and hearts on fire with the final volume of her 17-year saga — one nation that had fallen off our mental map, led by one steely and determined man, emerged as a critical linchpin of the 21st century. Says Time Magazine, about its Person of the Year 2007, Russian President Vladimir Putin. ( http://techluver.com/2007/12/19/time-names-russian-president-vladimir-putin-person-of-the-year/ )"

Submission + - EU to Reduce CO2 Emissions in PassengerCars by2012 (techluver.com)

Tech.Luver writes: "The European Commission today proposed legislation to reduce the average CO2 emissions of new passenger cars to 120 grams per kilometre by 2012. The proposed legislation is the cornerstone of the EU's strategy to improve the fuel economy of cars, which account for about 12% of the European Union's carbon emissions. A manufacturer must ensure that by 2012 measured fleet average emissions are below the limit value curve, when all vehicles manufactured and registered in a given year by the manufacturer in question are taken into account. ( http://techluver.com/2007/12/19/eu-proposes-legislation-to-reduce-co2-emissions-of-new-passenger-cars-to-120-gramskm-by-2012/ )"

Submission + - Google Introduces Flight Status Check Feature (techluver.com)

Tech.Luver writes: "On Tuesday, Dec 18, Nick Weininger, Software Engineer at Google introduced a new "Flight Status Check Feature" on Official GoogleBlog. For the latest information on a flight's status, simply search for an airline and flight number, and the first result will tell you whether your flight is on time or delayed as well as the estimated departure and arrival times. ( http://techluver.com/2007/12/19/google-introduces-flight-status-check-feature/ )"

Submission + - Paul Allen to Bid in 700 MHz Wireless Auction (techluver.com)

Tech.Luver writes: "A venture led by Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen has applied to bid in an upcoming auction of 700 MHz wireless airwaves, according to FCC's "Accepted Applications" list released on late Tuesday. Allen and Vulcan Spectrum were on a list of scores of potential bidders who filed applications ahead of a December 3 FCC deadline. The auction applicants also included, Google, AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Qualcomm. ( http://techluver.com/2007/12/18/paul-allen-to-bid-in-700-mhz-wireless-spectrum-auction/ )"
Social Networks

Submission + - IBM Intros Atlas SocialNetworking Tool forBusiness (techluver.com)

Tech.Luver writes: "IBM today announced the availability of IBM Atlas for Lotus Connections, a corporate social networking visualization and analysis tool. Developed by IBM Research, Atlas has four Web 2.0-based components — My Net, Find, Reach and Net. These components help users spot the important connections and the relationships between various groups and navigate their personal and corporate networks. ( http://techluver.com/2007/12/18/ibm-launches-atlas-to-help-businesses-visualize-social-networks/ )"
Social Networks

Submission + - Facebook Settles Text-Messaging Lawsuit (techluver.com)

Tech.Luver writes: "Pressured by a lawsuit, social networking giant Facebook will adopt new measures to prevent its 58 million members from sending text messages to recycled cell phone numbers. The lawsuit filed by Lindsey Abrams of Patriot, Ind., said she received text messages with explicit comments and other upsetting content — and had to pay 10 cents each time. Facebook received a share of the fee, according to the complaint. Abrams started getting the unsolicited messages shortly after she got a new mobile number from Verizon in November 2006. ( http://techluver.com/2007/12/18/facebook-settles-text-messaging-lawsuit/ )"

Submission + - IBM Faces EU Antitrust Complaint from Platform Sol (techluver.com)

Tech.Luver writes: "Software maker Platform Solutions has filed a complaint with the European Commission alleging that IBM abused its market dominance by refusing to share information related to its high- performance mainframe computers. The complaint, filed on Oct 19, according to a European Commission spokesman Jonathan Todd, is the latest in an ongoing intellectual property dispute between privately held Platform Solutions and IBM Corp. Platform Solutions alleges that IBM abused EU antitrust rules "by refusing to supply interface information relating to mainframe computers and refusing to license third parties," Todd said. ( http://techluver.com/2007/12/18/platform-solutions-files-antitrust-complaint-against-ibm-with-european-commission/ )"

Submission + - NASA to Test Engine That Will Power Ares Rockets (techluver.com)

Tech.Luver writes: "In December, NASA will begin testing core components of a rocket engine from the Apollo era. Data from the tests will help NASA build the next generation engine that will power the nation's new Ares launch vehicles on voyages that will send humans to the moon. NASA will test the engine's powerpack, a gas generator and turbopumps that perform the rocket engine's major pumping and combustion work. These components originally delivered propellants to the Apollo-era J-2 engine that fueled the second stage of the Saturn V rockets. ( http://techluver.com/2007/12/17/nasa-to-begin-testing-of-engine-that-will-power-ares-rockets/ )"

Submission + - Blockbuster to Stream Jackass2.5 Using Silverlight (techluver.com)

Tech.Luver writes: "Limelight Networks announced that Blockbuster has exclusively selected Limelight Networks' rich media CDN and Microsoft Silverlight to provide the technical streaming capabilities for the first studio-backed feature streamed in its entirety — JACKASS 2.5. Available for free, courtesy of BLOCKBUSTER, at Jackassworld.com beginning Dec 19th through Dec 31st, `07, the US online distribution of JACKASS 2.5, an event made possible by the recent acquisition of Movielink by Blockbuster. ( http://techluver.com/2007/12/17/blockbuster-to-offer-studio-backed-free-broadband-movie-jackass-25-using-limelight-networks-and-microsoft-silverlight/ )"

Submission + - Global Action Call to Save Coral Reefs (techluver.com)

Tech.Luver writes: "Eminent coral scientists have given world leaders more reason to act urgently against climate change, by producing a new report that warns coral reefs will disappear within decades if atmospheric CO2 levels continue to rise. Their paper, published on Dec14, in the prestigious Science magazine, is the most compelling scientific case yet that unchecked global warming will be a disaster for coral reefs and the 100 million people and one million species depending on them. CO2 concentration in the earth's atmosphere is currently 380 parts per million (ppm) but the authors say if future emissions exceed 450ppm we risk losing reefs. ( http://techluver.com/2007/12/17/global-action-call-to-save-coral-reefs/ )"

Submission + - EU, US Strike a Deal Over Internet Gambling Ban (techluver.com)

Tech.Luver writes: "The European Commission, in a blow to European online gaming companies, on Monday struck a deal for compensation from the United States over a US decision to close its gambling markets to foreign operators. The EU and US agreed on a compensation package to be offered by the US in response to its withdrawal in WTO of GATS commitments on gambling and betting services, including on-line gambling. A bilateral agreement was signed in Geneva, which provides EU service suppliers with new trade opportunities in the US postal and courier, research and development, storage and warehouse sectors. ( http://techluver.com/2007/12/17/us-european-union-strike-compensation-deal-over-online-gambling-ban/ )"

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