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Submission + - *.RU based Photo Sharing is also hosting Pedophiles?

TchrBabe writes: Even "safe" pictures of your children online aren't safe anymore. Who would have thought this?!? (insert sarcasm tag here).

According to this article in the Sunday Express, pedophiles are gleaning family and "normal" photos of children from social media postings and sharing them with sexual commentary and discussion.

Once again, social media is only as safe as the level of common sense and privacy that the individuals use (which often isn't much).

Comment Re:Typcial (Score 1) 143

Not just the "I'm a doctor..." mentality, it is characteristic of the whole healthcare system - if you aren't a _____ (fill in the blank with EMT, LPN, RN, PA, PhD, hospital admin) you don't know anything (in their minds). I wonder if they even had an IT department, or if they did, if it was competent (and not composed of the relative of one of the high end staff members - some kid who "built his own computer so he knows what he is doing"). The ability of the doctor to access and alter network settings indicates that the network wasn't properly configured, whether or not it was a privately owned computer.

Submission + - The Eloi Are Evolving (

TchrBabe writes: In a new twist reminiscent of HG Wells "The Time Machine", current children are growing up without the requisite physical skills that you would expect. Instead of playing with toys, the use of tablets, smart phones, and other electronic devices as "teaching aids" and babysitters is limiting their physical dexterity. So by extrapolation, the digital divide could lead to the stratification of society on another level — those who can compute, and those who can "do". Sounds like the Eloi and the Morlocks aren't that far behind.

Submission + - Civil Liberties Association files class action for all Canadians, against spies (

davecb writes: The British Columbia CLA filed a class action on behalf of all Canadians, against our security services' collecting of metadata, because it allows for a profile to be created of the individuals involved. It's a tough class for a court to certify, but to qualify, the BCCLA needed a class that they knew contained people who were spied upon.

Submission + - Coming Soon to a Restaurant Near You...Things You'd Rather Not See (

TchrBabe writes: So NYC is now considering equipping it's Health Department inspectors with Google Glass to provide a record of restaurant inspections. Will we now have FOIL access to these behind the scenes videos of our favorite restaurants? Do we even want to see what goes on behind the scenes? "Oh look Mabel, isn't that your cat that went missing?"

Submission + - 90% Medical Discount...In Egypt (

TchrBabe writes: Apparently a "miracle drug" that can cure 90% of HepC patients is available at a 90% discount — but only if you seek treatment in Egypt! Sovaldi, manufactured by Gilead Sciences, costs $1000/day for a 90 day round of treatment in the US. But if you seek treatment in Egypt, the total cost is only $900 for the same time period — $10/day. Even treatment in Germany and the UK is less expensive by thousands of dollars.

So apparently capitalism is alive and well and supported on the backs of the US taxpayers, as those most likely to be affected by HepC are un/under-insured.

Comment Religion vs. Faith (Score 2) 1037

There is a difference between having faith in God and practicing a religion. I agree that the Internet is shedding light on the flaws in most religions, and therefore discouraging people and possibly turning them away. That does not mean that those people who are opting out of a religion are losing their faith in God (or whatever higher power). It merely means that they are realizing that religion is based on humans, and humans are subject to the same flaws as everyone else.

Submission + - Management Lessons From 'Game Of Thrones' 1

Hugh Pickens DOT Com writes: Sunday's return of Season 4 of Game of Thrones reminds us that you may have encountered a Stannis Baratheon or Daenerys Targaryen in the workplace as Liz Tay writes at Business Insider that psychologist Elizabeth Neal and executive coach Iain Crossing have provided an analysis of the management styles of the Westeros power-grabbers and what they should do to become more effective leaders. For example, Stannis Baratheon is a blustering leader with powerful allies — the kind of person that could be found in junior management or senior operational roles in a family-run or semi-government business with no dedicated HR resources and weak governance. "Stannis has a strong work ethic and is likely to be respected by his subordinates however his need and greed for power allows him to be influenced contrary to his principles," says Crossing. "There certainly are qualities that are promising but there would need to be professional development." Joffrey Baratheon is emotionally unstable, antisocial, immature, unreliable, reckless and irresponsible says Neal, and displays a pattern of pervasive distrust and suspiciousness of others while his narcissism indicates that he is too insecure to change. When facing a Joffrey in the workplace, your best bet is to lodge "complaints with HR and try get him moved on," says Crossing. Mance Rayder is the 'king beyond the wall': a pragmatic, unassuming leader who seeks to save his people from the coming winter and in the modern world, Crossing says Mance is most likely to lead a lobby group or NGO, in which members are self-motivated to work towards a common goal. "A lobbyist group needs a different leadership style to a global conglomerate,’ says Crossing. "Because there is a communal belief, it is relatively easy to manage while the purpose remains strong." Finally there is the one character in Game of Thrones at the top of her game who would make it as a corporate executive just as she is — Daenerys Targaryen. The 'mother of dragons' is collaborative and resourceful, a fast learner and highly adaptable to change. According to Neal, Targaryen leads with compassion and "an appropriate amount of maternal instinct while remaining unswayed by emotion." Daenerys is also a risk-taker who has strong beliefs about right and wrong and takes it upon herself to champion her ideals of social justice. "I can’t fault her leadership style," says Neal. "That’s the kind of leader I would respond to well, personally."

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