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Comment Re:Seems he has more of a clue (Score -1, Redundant) 703

Skepticism is part of the scientific process. So, those that denounce the skeptics are the ones actually being "anti-science". I am a skeptic based primarily on the principle that it is nearly impossible to predict chaotic systems with accuracy []. Climate science is continually evolving. I read all the time about climate discoveries that change our understanding of this area of knowledge. When you start attacking people that disagree with you, all you are left with is dogma, which is more dangerous and harmful than debating an evolving science.

Comment The government should not be a market player (Score 0) 417

I like the idea about letting in market competition. However, Obama's proposal is to allow the government to "compete" in the market. The problems are many. Government makes the rules, so it should not compete in the market place. Government competes unfairly because it is immune to competitive pressure since it does not have to show a profit. It can sell its services for less than cost and drive out private sector competitors. When Obama says, don't worry the government will take care of it, hide your wallets.

Comment Re:Dirty Little Secret (Score 0) 450

The U.S. I.R.S. does provide free fillable forms online. I've been using it for years because I got sick of the TurboTax wizards I had to walk through for hours. Better than Turbo tax, and you get the instructions straight from the IRS instead of a summary from Intuit.


*the forms have not been uploaded yet, and won't be until January 20 if you go to the site now.

Comment Frivolous? (Score -1) 497

Other than the headline, I didn't see anywhere in the article, or the judge's linked order, that the lawsuit was considered "frivolous". The amount of damages they were ordered to pay was $250, a nominal amount. In fact, the article said the lawsuit set a "precedent" by exempting academic research from FOIA requests. It seems like an important case, not frivolous.

Comment This does not disprove Sasquatch (Score 0) 198

All this study shows is that some samples alleged to be sasquatch were not. There are many other samples of "unknown" DNA, which also proves nothing, since there is no control sample. This study has no bearing on whether sasquatch exists or not. Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

In fact, there are thousands of eyewitness reports by individuals and groups, including park rangers, law enforcement, and military, hundreds of good pictures, and dozens of good videos of a large bipedal creature in the remote forests of America and Canada. This creature fits the physical and behavioral criteria for a primate, probably a relic population of Gigantopithicus. You can see some of this evidence at and other sites. Remember, the lowland gorilla was considered a myth just over 100 years ago.

Comment So? (Score 5, Insightful) 330

I read an interview of him, and the rejection of the paper was a small part of his complaints. He is basically saying that anyone who questions anthropogenic global warming dogma is ostracized. This is the basis of McCarthyism and witch hunts. It also questions the foundation of the global warming "consensus" so often cited. The fact is that questioning orthodoxy is part of the scientific process. Ironically then, those who attempt to ostracize global warming skeptics for being "anti-science" are the ones themselves being anti-science.

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