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Comment Re:This strikes me as spectacularly unhealthy. (Score 1) 154

I do most of my work behind a traditional desk or on a treadmill desk (where I am now). It depends on what I'm doing. I do a lot of different types of work, and I actually find that most of the time I do fine on most things with other people around. My kids are still small and happy with a few minutes here and there, and my wife just likes having me nearby after they go to bed. I find different developers (and even myself on different projects) do well in different environments. Sometimes I want to be alone, with headphones on, isolated, and sometimes I like having a bit of background chatter. Sometimes I like to sit on a recliner with a laptop, and sometimes I plug it in and use 3 27" displays on my desk. Sometimes I walk and work, sometimes that's too distracting. I find that I need some variety.

Comment Re:First things first... (Score 0) 154

I would just like to give you kudos and thank you for producing the first actually somewhat productive (read: not sarcastic or insulting and on topic to the real question) response to the question posted. I do have a lapdesk, which I'll likely end up using with something else; I was just getting a new recliner anyway, and it just seems odd that nobody has made one with a built-in desk or something, so I thought I'd see if anyone actually knows of anything. ... assuming I'd even see such a comment around all the insults, jokes (which I don't mind so much), and other distractions.

Comment Re:This strikes me as spectacularly unhealthy. (Score 4, Insightful) 154

Are you sure you have realistically evaluated this activity as quality with your wife AND children? Just be sure everyone's on board with this! Note: this is opposed to the original (snarky) response which occurred to me, which was that probably a recliner would not afford significant relaxtion in comparison to a quart of whiskey! :)

Oh, certainly I wouldn't call this quality time with my wife and children! It's more along the lines of "better a little poor quality time than no time at all". I do also of course spend time *without* the computer, but I prefer to be with my family as much as possible. This is for the times when the alternative is not seeing them at all.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: What recliner for a software developer?

Taxilian writes: I'm one of those coders who tends to relax by doing more coding. Particularly when I'm short on time for a project, I like to move my work to where I am still around my wife and children so that I can still interact with them and be with my family, but still hit my deadlines. I have used various recliners and found that programming in them (at least in evenings) can be quite comfortable, but haven't felt like I really found the "ideal chair" for relaxing and working on my macbook.

I have found references to failed chairs (the La-Z-Boy explorer, the so-called 'e-cliner', etc) that were intended for tech and failed, but are there any existing and useful options? I'd really like something that provides some sort of lap desk (to keep the heat from the laptop away from me) and reasonable power arrangements while still being comfortable and not looking ridiculous in a normal family room.

Submission + - Icom America sponsors ham radio study website (

Taxilian writes: Icom America, one of the largest manufacturers of Amateur Radio equipment in the world, has just announced that it will be sponsoring the relatively new ham radio study website This is interesting given the close ties that Icom has with many other study websites and companies that deal with amateur radio license exam preparation and that the other websites are extremely entrenched and well connected. HamStudy aims to provide free and modern (HTML5) tools to people trying to get involved with Ham Radio.

Submission + - A year in the life of an Open Source project (

Taxilian writes: One year after starting FireBreath, a BSD-licensed cross platform browser plugin framework (not to be confused with a Browser Extension), we have hit our most significant milestone yet at version 1.2. Looking back over my experiences in starting the project and thinking through times where I was employed working on it and other times when I could only work on it on the side, I have written up a short blog post on my experience during the first year of it's life. The ups, the downs, and most importantly the things I have learned.

You can also look at the Google Code Project Site.

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