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Comment A gamble worth taking? (Score 1) 48

Right now we have 2 lines on t-mobile under the old plan ($80 for 2 lines, 2 gig data each). including tax that's $89.

If we switch to the new plan, it's on sale for $100, including fees. AND t-mobile does a buy-back of $10 if you stay under 2 gig. We rarely go over 2 gig/line.

So at worst, it's $10 more/month. At best, it's $80, including fees. Which saves us $10.

(of course, under the old plan, most of the music streaming apps didn't count towards the data)

Worth switching?

Comment Re:XP I understand (Score 3, Insightful) 168

But OS X 10.8? That came out in 2012, not 2001. Even 10.7 is still fairly modern. 10.6/Snow Leopard is getting long in the tooth, so that might make sense to drop support, but this will just make people using the older Macs run out of date browsers or find another product.

Every version of OS X since mavericks in 2013 has been free and runs on pretty much any mac built after 2007. So really folks, get with the program and update.

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