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Comment Re:Fast charge detection (Score 2) 208

Most phones do not care about resistance across the data pins. Just short them out and BAM fast charge!
That is how I was able to trick my Epic 4g to work with my palm pre touchstone charger.

There is no need for all the circuits and such... I made my own a while back out of a spare cable. I just opened the cable, cut the data wires. Than I shorted the data wires on the side that went to the phone. I sealed it all up and I can plug my phone into any usb port and it charges at the maximum output of the USB port. Does not matter if the port is 500 mah, or a 3rd party charger that can put out 1,000 or even 2,000.

Why do these solutions need to be soo complex?

Comment Re:The issue is about supervision (Score 1) 238

E-Mail can just as easily be skimmed over. Several of my sister-in-laws college teachers basically told the class, "I do not use Facebook for school. All school related contact will be done via e-mail. No exceptions."
They had Facebook accounts, and you could friend them, but any discussions, questions, or classwork was to be sent via e-mail only. Some student's complained, but the teacher wanted what was easier for them.

Comment Re:The issue is about supervision (Score 4, Insightful) 238

I would never distribute work or anything important through Facebook. With their ever changing landscape of what they think you do and do not want to see, you can never know if the students actually SEE the postings!

E-mail is far more effective and reliable. And if the student's do not like that, tough. In College if the teacher says to use e-mail, you use e-mail.

Comment Re:Sadly, I think Apple might win on this one (Score 1) 656

2 different "editions"

The Lite Edition - Only get software from the app store.
The Ultimate Edition - Install software yourself.

However I suspect that at this point Apple may be willing to give up Unix Certification for the extra profit to be gained from app store only access. (Plus most Apple users do not care about Unix certification)
Plus they could easily spin it as "Extra Security".

Comment Re:until the next game... (Score 2) 121

I have many older games that span back 20+ years that I go back and play often. I have been forced to pirate or crack many of those games because the DRM that is used does not work with modern DVD players, operating systems, or were crappy DRM schemes to begin with.

It is really sad that I have to pirate games I own in order to continue to play them.

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