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Comment Re:The horror! (Score 1) 2254

That's because Firefox sucks, and too bad.

You must have a GeForce 8000/9000 series (or one of the ones affected). That's where Gtk+ and Nvidia's driver just doesn't work well at all when it comes to Firefox scrolling.

Nvidia doesn't care. Mozilla seems unable to fix their memory leak problems as well, as with each Firefox 3.6.x we keep hearing the same old thing: more memleak fixes.

Switch to Chrome (or chromium). It has none of these problems.

Comment This is fine; close to native DS virtulisation?! (Score 1) 274

I do not think Microsoft will work on an ARM port, even something that translates x86 to ARM because the ARM processor is likely to be way too slow for this.

Nintendo DS runs on an ARM architecture. Maybe now we can run those games at full speed on another device? Certainly now with an emulator on this device there would be less translation and more instruction passing. Great!

Same goes for any other ARM-based processor device and emulation.

Wine will not run on this and neither will Windows. I am so fine with that.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 425

Very true. Microsoft has made programming for 360 nothing too new, which can be good and bad.

For PS3, you get SPE's and PPU's (6 SPE's) to handle threads (sort of like cores). It can be automatic, but it is better if you optimise your code for each SPE. This extra work does not look like it is being done. Games on PS3 vs Xbox 360 are looking pretty much EXACTLY the same or WORSE. Sony made PS2 hard to work with at first as well. New technology (like the Cell processor or the Emotion Engine (MIPS-based)) is good, but developers need to just say 'no' to making PS3 games if they are not going to take advantage of the system. But hey that's why Sony has its 3rd party developers who will do PS* only right? Actually, they are all almost gone now, including Rockstar (who used to make GTA only for PS* and PC).

On Xbox 360 you have 3 cores and I bet most developers rely upon the library to choose which thread goes to which core. Easier.

Comment Re:No (Score 1) 425

You missed my point completely. If I wanted to right now, and had the funding, I could make a game 'for PS3' and give instructions on how to use it. Perhaps, 'you need Linux installed, and you need to do blah blah with the disc'. But guess what. I would not be licensed to do that (Sony would probably sue), and even if I had the money to take on the risk, it would never be worth it because of the limitations put on Linux for PS3.

Linux for PS2 and Linux for PS3 are just Sony's feeble attempts at saying 'We support open source'.

Comment Re:No (Score 4, Insightful) 425

The one thing I hate about console-proponents is that they exist. Each console has its pros and cons. Just because you bought a PS3 instead of an Xbox 360 or Wii does not make you better than someone else. AFAIK, nobody is paying you to advertise for Sony either.

Comment No (Score 4, Informative) 425

1. First of all, there are more options for PS3 then YD including Gentoo, Ubuntu, Fedora, and others.

2. Access (due to Sony scared of people making good games for PS3 Linux for 'free') to the RSX (graphics card) is very restricted. A few firmware revisions ago it was accessible but of course that gets fixed. And without the latest firmware, you cannot play certain games.

The PS3 is a flop anyway. If you want to emulate these mentioned systems, you are way better off with a PC, Xbox 1, or Wii.

Comment Lazy web developers (Score 0, Troll) 358

Sure Microsoft.com makes the list. The developers of the site are lazy. All they care about is that it 'works' with IE and Firefox and a few other browsers. They do NOT care one bit about W3C compliance. Do you think they put the site through the validator? I DOUBT it. Otherwise, they'd fix the 176 errors .

And then there are web developers for big companies that do the same thing. Amazon.com: 1580 errors, eBay: 226 errors and a big one for a lot of us on Slashdot I am sure (US based people), Newegg.com: 566 errors. What is so hard about validating to the standards in place? If you do it from the start, you have no problems. But developers of these sites clearly do NOT care as long as the site 'loads'.

Do not forget so many of these sites rely upon Microsoft's ASP.NET, ASP and/or IIS.

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