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Comment Virtual Countries? Virtual World? (Score 1) 208

It's quite amusing really. With 800 million users and 50% of them logging on every day (Facebook's stats, not stating they are correct), virtual currencies, ways to communicate and now the fact that to power one website, it requires more energy than a state, do you think there is a chance that we'll get some sort of virtual political presence, with countries banding together to form internet UNs, military coups and dictatorships, just like in the real world? Take the following scenario: - The internet becomes a second "world", not restricted to any particular country but, as it should be, a truly free medium made up of nodes surrounding the globe. (possibly moon hosted facilities to try to make it truly independent) - As a world, you start to get "countries". Facebook, youtube, google. - They get political power to shape the internet and form standards, rules and potentially laws based on it. - Anonymous (bit scary), another UN style thing (in which case do anonymous become terrorists?) or nobody at all policies it, leading to extremely fun sci-fi anarchistic environments So, given that situation, what do you see happening?

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