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Comment Re:its not a claim, its a fact of life. (Score 1) 555

These are three daemons in an IPC architecture. Together they make up an application.

Unless you feel that a multi-tiered web application is somehow three programs: JavaScript, CGI, and database...

Then sysvinit is a bunch of service configuration files disguised as bash scripts knitted together with an init to make up an application. Hell, they use an API in the form of passed arguments, which you might call even more application-like than IPC!

And yes, javascript in your web browser, an httpd, and your database are certainly 3 different programs that happen to interoperate. You can even drop one out and replace it with a different company's implementation of it. That's something I'd love to see more of in systemd, but it's theoretically possible, if somebody really felt the need to.

Comment Abstractions (Score 1) 598

Seek to understand the various levels of abstraction available in any problem -- and to solve the problem at the appropriate level. It's a complicated lesson, and something that will take a long time to get right, but once you do, so many things fall out naturally, like clean and reusable code, the need for different languages and tools, design patterns, and on and on and on.

Comment Great for parcels (Score 5, Interesting) 867

I've lived in places with the mailbox-cluster idea in Canada. Personally, I love it. It's especially great for parcels that would otherwise be left on a doorstep or taken back to a depot.

What happens here is that the mailbox-clusters have a a small number of large mailboxes. If you have a parcel, it goes in one of the large mailboxes. Then the key to that mailbox is put in your personal mailbox. You open it, take your parcel, and lock the key inside. Awesome.

Submission + - Linode hacked, CCs and passwords leaked 6

An anonymous reader writes: On Friday Linode announced a precautionary password reset due to an attack despite claiming that they were not compromised. The attacker has claimed otherwise, claiming to have obtained card numbers and password hashes. Password hashes, source code fragments and directory listings have been released as proof. Linode has yet to comment on or deny these claims.

Comment Re:3d desktop is a waste (Score 2) 378

Have you even tried Gnome 3? There really are no "3D" effects. Just because it's using advanced features of your video card doesn't make it 3D.

The closest thing you'll see is that when you switch from a "Show me all my windows in an overlay" view, the windows will shrink/grow into place, which *in that tiny point of time* helps associate the zoomed-out tile with the window that's there.

Unity has some other plugins for 3D effects if you really want them, but they're hidden away because they're more like tech demos than real features.

Comment Communication (Score 3, Insightful) 646

The internet is all about communication, be it with other individuals, corporations, etc.

Would you let a 7 or 8 year old talk to random people from around the world without supervision? No?

Then you may want to consider just making sure that there's a human with your children while they're using the thing, until they're at an age where you choose to trust them on their own for a bit. You'll be there to explain the odd random thing that happens.

Comment Re:For those of us who prefer a video (Score 2) 205

You can have a task with an extension if you really want one.

That said, you really have to try the overview-style. Whack the windows-key, and you very quickly have almost the entire screen used to select windows, meaning you can see which one you're interested very easily and go to it. It takes some getting used to.... but the added bonus of the zoom-out view being live updates means you get the ability to monitor many windows simultaneously for interesting updates, without needing to throw in a different user-interface to clutter things up.

Try it.

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