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Comment Re:ISP (Score 1) 551

Or is it a bad assumption that ISPs will still want to charge for extra IPs?

ISP's charge because a) IPv4 addresses are a scarce commodity and b) routing extra ones is work

When both of those reasons are gone, if your ISP charges extra, vote with your feet.

Comment Re:Correlation / Causation (Score 1) 85

I eventually woke up Christmas morning and said to myself "I can't play it any more. I can't bring myself to login and play it today. My ears can't take one more minute of it." And I haven't touched it, since.

Couldn't you just mute the in-game chat??

Comment Re:Goodbye Ubuntu (Score 1) 382

I hate having to wait 6+ months (or 2 years if you stick with LTS) to get app upgrades, so I switched to OS X for my laptop years ago.

You seriously changed from free software to payware, from the open space of Ubuntu to the walled garden of Apple, from getting updates every 6 months to having to buy updates every so many years, from having full control over your machine and software to being beholden to Apple's CEO's every whim?

Paying a few 10's of dollars every few years for an OS that is stable, never has 'driver issues' and fully utilises all of my hardware? Technologies and API's that don't get unexpectedly dropped (not deprecated) release to release? Wifi that works all the time. A system that wakes up immediately from sleep. Everytime. Plug an internal monitor in. It works.

Sign me up!

Call me a fanboy (or 'fanboi' or 'steve jobs towelboy' or whatever is flavour of the week for you) if you like. I'm getting stuff done with my computer, not fighting it.

Don't pretend that I don't "know Linux". I'm surrounded by smart developers, using Linux. "I wrote a script, after I plug this monitor in, you just run this and the resolutions all sort themselves out! Cool!". Nice. I just plug my external monitor in and it's there. But nice script.

Oh My Software Freedom is gone! Boo hoo. I'm so sad.

As usual, the vast majority of the comments here miss the point entirely which is the death of X. This can not come soon enough. Hopefully you pull it off better than the "let's fix Audio - this time for Sure!".

Comment Re:C / C++ (Score 1) 609

This reminds me of Sony, where they have so many conflicting interests that they can't do anything well. Why can't Sony DVD players play DivX*? Because Sony also makes movies, and DivX is the leading choice for distributing movies over the internet.

Errrr, I have 2 Sony DVD Players and a Sony PS3, and they all play DivX. The oldest is about 4 years old.

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