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Submission + - Is Skype Discontinuing Unlimited Calling Plans?

An anonymous reader writes: I recently picked up an N800, and I thought I'd check out its potential as a mobile Skype client. Skype promotes unlimited calling plans for $9 for three months or $30 per year. However about six weeks ago they stopped offering the three month option for purchase through their web site. The forum moderator claimed this was temporary, but the claim seemed disingenuously vague, and I decided to wait it out. I've never used Skype and didn't want to commit to a year without first sampling the three month plan. Now the yearly plan has also been removed. It remains to be seen whether this is also a 'temporary' condition. The plans can apparently still be purchased with prepaid cards through retail channels. However given the negative press that Skype received this year, I wonder if this signals the end of the Skype unlimited calling plan.

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