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Comment Re:This is common. (Score 1) 206

The following is somewhat off-topic, but here it goes...

It just goes to show what a profitable business they have because they could easily cut their prices in half, still be profitable and would have more customers as people would be more willing to keep cable tv as well as have phone and internet.

FTFY. Having a great profit margin does not mean you have a monopoly. Also, the idea of giving a huge discount to retain a customer does not really sound like something a monopoly would want to, need to or normally would do.

Now, I don't know if they have a monopoly or not. All I'm saying is that your argumentation is not valid.

Comment Re:still with the java? (Score 1) 211

When Danske Bank bought Finnish Sampo Pankki, they forced it (and its customers) to move to Danske Bank group's online banking software which pretty much sucked and supposedly still sucks. And requires Java.

Sampo Pankki had one of the best online banking experience in Finland, feature- and usability-wise. It did not require Java or other sillyness from the client.

IIRC The Danske Bank applet's the client code had some obfuscation/encryption features in it but the author hadn't used it. So the code was easily opened and analyzed. One of the things they found out that the Java software collected very detailed information from the client computer and user and sent it to the server. This was information which has nothing to do with banking.

During the transition Danske Bank had a lot of problems not only in the web bank but in money transfers etc. The fiasco caused an outrage and they say even tens of thousands of customers left. This is not a small thing in a country of about 5,4 million people.

I closed all my accounts with Sampo Pankki soon after the whole thing, mainly because of the crappy web bank, Java dependency and the privacy violations. Sadly though my new bank's web bank wasn't nearly as good as Sampo Pankki had before Danske crap. But it sure beats running some spyware Java applet while doing banking online...

Comment Re:What are we going to miss out on? (Score 5, Informative) 270

Sites like by Matti Nikki (an older summary in English: ). This guy has been fighting against the censorship and got his site listed on the secret blacklist.

The law actually says the list is supposed to be used against sites outside Finland. Not sites residing in Finland. And even then this particular site has no child porn on it. And why would you block a local site ineffectively when you can just go and take the server out?

Remember the censorship and blacklist has been in use for years. Matti Nikki found out that many of the sites are totally within laws and has been compiling a list of them. Curiously, many of the false positives contained gay porn.

This story is about expanding the censorship, but it's already being used to block other than child porn sites. I'm not quite sure about the situation nowadays but originally there was no way for you to file a complaint about ending up on the list. If I recall correctly, Matti Nikki found out that apparently the police compiling a list does not constitute an official ruling, so there's no way to complain about it.

You know the major ISPs in Finland already block The Pirate Bay? It's painful for me to say, but the good thing in TPB block is that at least it got done by a court order. One way or another, sites like and TPB are going to get blocked. Then there are the online casinos, "extremists" and you know, all the Bad guys(tm)...

Comment Re:A little too white (Score 1) 2254

There's so much white space you could call it the apartheid! I wouldn't call the design bad, though. I kinda like it, and it has a lot of potential, being quite clear.

But the clearness (clarity?) of the design comes from being washed-out and having too much white space. It needs some balance between "spacious" and "everything separated by 100 white pixels". And some contrast.

Just my 4 eurocents...

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