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Submission + - Whitehouse.gov Net Neutrality Petition (whitehouse.gov)

Tanman writes: There is a new whitehouse.gov petition that addresses net neutrality from a different angle than covered by most of the media — it portrays the charging of content providers as a protection racket and seeks to outlaw the practice based on contractual obligations to the customer. Please take a look!

make it illegal for ISPs to lower customers' data rates below the advertised amount based on the content being accessed.

Internet service providers (ISPs) currently engage in the practice of charging customers different rates for different levels of internet access. For example, a provider may have 5mb/s, 25mb/s, and 50mb/s plans. If a customer has a contract with their ISP for access at a premium speed, then the ISP should not be allowed to reduce the customer's internet speed based on what content is being accessed. Doing so amounts to a breach of the good-faith agreement between the ISP and the customer. The ISPs practice this policy to engage in a protection racket in which they charge content providers additional fees to ensure that the content will reach the customers at the speeds expected by those customers. There is a huge incentive for content providers to pay up to avoid losing customers.

Open Source

Submission + - DreamWorks Animation releases volumetric tech to open source community (dreamworksanimation.com)

Tanman writes: "DreamWorks Animation's technology in the hands of our artists has created our rich, iconic characters and worlds. Our OpenVDB technology in particular has been the focus of intense industry interest," said Dr. Lincoln Wallen, Head of Animation Technology at DreamWorks Animation. "We have benefitted from using Open Source, and we are pleased to contribute back into the Open Source community in sharing OpenVDB."

Submission + - EU banning sexism in commercials (telegraph.co.uk)

Tanman writes: "Ms Svensson said: 'Gender stereotyping in advertising straitjackets women, men, girls and boys by restricting individuals to predetermined and artificial roles that are often degrading, humiliating and dumbed down for both sexes.'"

I guess those EU consumers need protecting. From sexy. How unfortunate — I thought they were more sexually liberated than us stuffy Americans.


Submission + - US Court Tosses Another Wiretap Case (guardian.co.uk)

Tanman writes: A court threw out a case related to the secret, illegal wiretapping performed since 9-11. According to the article, the court did not specify a reason for the dismissal, although a previous court had dismissed it because it was impossible to determine if any surveillance had taken place.

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